Aight, so I've converted all my past journal entries into a (boring) HTML format. It's really boring, white background, black text, the thrilling parts are my bold and unbold parts... whee. I *might* eventually get artistic (not to mention motivated) enough to do something better, but they're all at least there. I can't FTP from the computer I'm on right now, so I'll have to upload to the one that I can FTP from, and I'll have to make an index sheet, and set up my Stanford webspace which doesn't work yet, I'll let you know, trust me. (:
Today, ahh, today... people seem to be coming home. That will be exciting. (High school buddies. :) So, I'll be entertained. Since I can't just take off to NYU and Columbia like some people I know (ahem, Joel, ahem) or go sky diving to celebrate my 18th birthday (ahem, Jia, ahem) I have to deal with friends road-tripping into town from Exciting Austin, TX. So my life is a bit more subdued than some people... *g*
"Every now and then, I turn it on again, but It's plain to see that THE RADIO STILL SUCKS."
--the Ataris
Alright, so I admit it, I went and I did something productive today... I helped my dad fix my car. A few weeks ago it started making a funny brake noise, kind of a hollow rubbing sound... I admit it, I didn't think that much of it at first, being a female (: but it got 10 times worse last night when I was at Barnes and Noble with Jamie and she got really scared so I talked to my dad about it. Turns out I needed new brake pads, so I went up to the auto parts place and got some. We also fixed the issues I've been having with my turn signal and my brake light... everything seems to be in working order now... we'll see how that lasts. (: The paint job on my fender still blows, because it's spray paint, but it looks better than it did black....
Yeah. I pulled out in front of a minivan last October and it turned my drivers side front fender into a black one. (: That's a funny story. But my dad was so sick of the black that in August he up and painted the damn thing tan again... it's a yellower tan to the pink-browner one of my car, but it's close enough that in a dark parking garage it can pass as the original coat, from more than 30 feet away.. hehehe. (:
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