Kat's Exciting Trip to the Bathroom was highlighted by the realization that I am ....AUGH!.... wearing my "backwards pants." The "backwards pants" are a source of fascination for Jia on the BrannerBlog. The deal with them is that the fly is made for either a left-handed person or someone who is rich enough or incompetent enough to hire someone to dress them. Since I am neither left-handed, rich, or incompetent (well, I suppose one of those is up for debate...) I have no need or desire to have backward pants. And yet here I am, sitting in a pair of them. Perhaps I should hire a lackey...
"wanted: one lackey, preferably male, nice build, good-looking, to follow me around zipping and unzipping my backwards pants. Must be right-handed due to the nature of said pants. Apply within."
Or maybe, just maybe, i'm taking things a bit too far and can deal with the occasional left-handed zip. On second thought... any takers on the lackey position? (:

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