i'm finally here. I am at stanford university. i am having the time of my fucking life. it is so sweet here.... i love it. i've already met a ton of people that I know from online... Huey, Jia (which i learned is pronounced "Ja" like Ja Rule) Becky, Michelle (mishmosh), Michelle (shellybean), Amy, ummm... fuck. I know i've met more people... dammit. oh well. (: Anyway... I've almost met everyone I've talked to at all online, except eric, who sucks because he's a sophomore and doesnt' get in until tonight. must suck to be him.

At the football game last night a bunch of branner guys painted "STANFORD" on their chests, and a bunch of chicks in sports bras painted "BRANNER" on their stomachs, and when they turned around they had "WE KICK FUCKING ASS" painted on their backs. It was sweet. and we showed ASU that we do indeed kick fucking ass. It was so awesome. (:

Anyway. So sorry I haven't blogged in so long... it's been a hectic weekend. Orientation kicked ass. Is kicking ass - it's not over. There haven't been any parties yet but i bet they'll kick ass too. I'm going to have the time of my life here... I'm so happy to finally be here.

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