things i am happy about today

1) it's thursday. this means friday is tomorrow.

2) LICK tonight.

3) cute girls at LICK tonight.

4) kate bornstein before LICK tonight.

5) the rain. i know, i've changed my tune since yesterday, but i was prepared for it - i'm wearing my galoshes (galosh, galosh) today.


things i am annoyed about today

1. rain. not so much that it's raining, but more that i was stupid and decided to wear my pumas instead of my rain boots today, and now my feet are soggy and will undoubtedly smell like shit when i finally get home and take off my shoes. this is unhelpful in the battle against fungus-feet.

2. other people. from the annoying girl who always sits next to me in one of my classes and proceeds to talk through the whole class, asking me questions about stupid shit and not getting that my silence means that she annoys me, to the people who flood into the classroom for the next class at 20 after, when we're still packing up our tons of stuff and trying to get the fuck out. this is especially annoying in classrooms that have just one entrance. people, just fucking wait two fucking minutes.

3. the fact that i'm going to be here until at least 7 if not 8 trying to get my fish counted, lysed, and into a water bath.

4. a stupid fucking study abroad fair in mary gates commons. if i can't study in MGH between classes, where the fuck am i supposed to go? that's what i do... i go there for an hour and get work done. so i'm sitting on a motherfucking bench in johnson hall, instead of at a nice table in MGH.

5. my mary gates scholarship essay. it doesn't seem to want to finish itself.

6. a certain other undergrad who may or may not be in my lab. his very existence annoys me sometimes. what will annoy me even more is if his bullshit proposal gets funded and my real research does not.

7. the fucking plug on my stupid computer. it's getting more and more difficult to get it to stay in. i hope i'm not killing my power cord by looping it under the computer like this; if i have to buy a new power supply i'll be out $80 (thanks, apple!)

8. i'm sure there's more. i just need to get back to that fucking scholarship essay, as it's due on friday at 5PM...



yeah, yeah, so i never blog anymore. i think it's mostly because i don't have internet at home, and most of my rambling writing comes after 10pm. so i've been filling up paper journals at an unprecedented rate, but my blog is being neglected.

things are going... this quarter is shaping up to be fucking nuts. only 3 real classes, but that's misleading, because i'm also taking a seminar (for credit/no credit, but still an assload of reading) and 5 units of research. found out today that i can only take 1 more unit of research to count toward graduation... oops! i think i can still take units to count toward being a full-time student for the next 2 quarters, but they just can't count to the 180 credits i need for graduation. not that i need any more credits.

only taking 3 classes was most definitely a life-saver... but most of my work this quarter is not for classes, it's for research. but the next 2 weeks are deadline-packed, for classes and non-class stuff. let's take a look:
next monday, oct 16: physiology midterm
friday, oct 20: mary gates scholarship essay due
monday, oct 23: not one but TWO midterms: development and biochem

at least my first set of midterms aren't all on the same day this quarter. in fact, neither are my second set: those are m-w-f of the same week. not terrible; not ideal.

i'm feeling pretty good about biochem. it's interesting material, and it's much more intellectually stimulating than the last quarter of o-chem was. man, that instructor was shitty. but the prof we have for biochem is at least interesting and knowledgeable about the subject... almost makes up for it being at 8AM. yuck. that's going to be rough come december.

development is another story. the professor is literally crazy. and he's swiss, so his english isn't 100%, and so you're left wondering what he is trying to get at every time he says something. yargh. at least i know and like the TA in the class, and trust her to not grade unfairly. anyway, that's the big wild-card in my schedule this quarter. it's an interesting class, i just feel behind since i don't have the "recommended" prereq and the testing seems to be largely based on hypothetical experimental methods. bleh... i'm sure i'll survive.

anyway... just a quick update from the life of kat. no, i haven't died; i'm just internets-deprived.


r.i.p. democracy

I'd say it myself, but Lindsey over at Venus Envy said it better than I could: