So we went to REI today and i did a bad thing. (see 4th from bottom. i paid $10 more than that but it's the same with shipping.) yeah, they fit like a glove (or like a boot) and they are way cooler than the ones i have... not to mention the fact that they FIT, unlike my old Airwalks. So hopefully I can sell the older ones for maybe $30 or $40 and then my net expenditure on the boots will only be like $60... not like I'm gonna find a better price this season, and I need new boots, and now I can save up for a pair of new bindings before October or so. Yaaaaay! It's almost cold again!


I had a series of interesting thoughts a few nights ago, came to some realizations about our society and the future thereof.
1) There will never be another Elvis. A pop star with such mass appeal is becoming less and less likely as the population grows and the Internet and other forms of communication bring us closer to people that are farther away. Also, the advent of technology has brought about so many new forms of music that our tastes are diversifying. Everybody loved Elvis. It's not happening again.
2) Television is becoming more and more democratic. Reality television is hardly a travesty; it was an inevitability. Half the people on TV now are "ordinary" people escaping from their everyday lives for awhile, not "stars." Greta Garbo and Cary Grant were borderline royalty. Now, TV stars have a little more money than everyone else, but they're not exactly treated like kings. 3) Supermodels are a thing of the past. Modeling is becoming a career rather than a star path. Read September's Vogue for backup on that.
4) The culmination of evolution will be Nirvana. We're getting close but as long as consciousness is tied to organic bodies it cannot be achieved.


sometimes i think that there is no justice in the world. i mean here i am, 5'8, size 4, not so bad looking (okay downright hot), with a near-genius IQ, and then there are people that weigh almost 200 pounds and have an IQ of much less than half their weight. and are unfortunate looking.

i'm glad i got the end of the stick that i did.

on a related note, this dress should be on my doorstep tomorrow. how hot will i look in it?


Hmm. This weekend was kind of eventful, in a wholesome way. Saturday we helped Jared's aunt and uncle move into a fucking sweet elementary school that is now an artist's co-op. It was fun. And in exchange for helping them move his uncle is going to shoot me. With a camera, dumbass. I'm finally finding my balls, and I'm going to go in to seattle models guild for an open interview. and hopefully walk out with a modeling contract. But having a professional shoot me for my interview photos is like, the best ever, because if you don't have any professional pictures no one is going to hire you, and what's the point of having a contract if you don't ever get any gigs?

I also got to go to Ikea this weekend and I got an awesome bookshelf that is now in my room. It's huge and holds all my crap - it's wonderful.

My cat has worms. She has an appointment at Cat Clinic of Seattle tomorrow at 5:30 to hopefully take care of the worms. YUCK. But it'll be nice to establish a relationship with a vet in case the unthinkable happens... because I love my baby girl. I bought her a new collar this weekend - it's pink with rhinestones!! And it has a jingle bell on it. SO CUTE. She looks so prissy in it... I love it.

It's finally acting like it's really Seattle and has started to rain. The past few days have been in the 60s and rainy - i LOVE it. It's also been pretty windy... I love this kind of weather. But it still baffles me that Seattlites can't drive in the rain. It's their native environment, and they're totally confused by it. I don't get it.


best. article. evar.

I HATE the way English grammar is becoming a thing of the past. People need to learn how to use apostrophes and commas correctly and not fucking confuse "your" and "you're."

I received an email at work a few weeks ago from a grownup member of corporate society who, presumably, graduated from high school. This email contained the phrase "your write." I spent several minutes trying to figure out how the hell I own a verb, but this high-school graduate told me that I do, but then they failed to tell me anything about this verb I own. That was the end of the sentence: Your write. I don't get it. I thought that elementary school was also known as "grammar school" for a simple reason: grammar is an important part of our written communication, which is a crucial part of society. Do it right, not write.


So I get home and my fishtank has an algae problem. So I go to the petstore and buy a plecostomus. He's cool. He needs a name.

I couldn't find him for awhile after I put him in the tank. He was a pleclostomus.

Now he's just eating.


oh, update on that arson spree: the stranger is speculating that the recent arson spree was pulled by a bunch of eco-terrorists who committed a similar spree (albeit much smaller) at the beginning of last august. i can't find the exact link, so if you want to read it you'll have to go pick up a paper copy, or else scour that site more thoroughly than i.

the rationale is that the spree last year targeted high-density housing and one of the sites was marked with something along the lines of "dont build high density housing, fuckers" on it. and, several of the sites that burned in the last few weeks, including the condo-under-construction that was the site of the barbecue behind my apartment building, were all high-density housing. *shrug* eco-terrorists piss me off.

i got my... IPOD!!!! hooray.


riddle me this: why is my roommate's ipod here today, when he ordered it on Sunday, and mine isn't, when I ordered it on Friday? Fedex are bastards.


I spilled my thai food on my computer while I was eating.

I got touchpadthai.



Poll: Is Kat bipolar? Discuss.

I bought an ipod today!!! It's a refurbished 10gb one, discontinued and all that shiz, but it was only 169 before tax, like 183 total. That's a steal for an ipod. It's shipping out this afternoon. It should be here like Wednesday. Can we talk about stoked??? And also, whoever said that money can't buy happiness was full of shit.

I had a revelation today on the bus, about society and crazy people and Nurse Ratched. Saw a kid reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and it sparked a lot of thoughts.


i just discovered the baddest-ass remix of crazy english summer by faithless. it's on the reperspective album (which was the partner to their outrospective). it is amazing.

and the hole behind my apartment building still smells like barbecue. disturbing.

in other news, mike's light found to be unacceptable substitute for bitch beer, not to mention impossible to get drunk off of.


So I thought Fox News was just being sensationalistic, but as it turns out, there really is an arson spree going on in Seattle. There don't seem to be any answers on whether or not these fires are related to the one last weekend that nearly burned down my brand-new apartment building - and did melt some of the vinyl siding off of the back wall. (From where I sit now, on the balcony, I can see where that building was, and how fucked-up the next building over is... it's about half-gutted. Disturbing.) And now, a quote from Mayor Greg Nickels, whom I think should sound exactly like Mayor Quimby: "We're not going to speculate on who this might be. But we will find them and we will bring them to justice." My ass.

Funny yet morbid sidenote: while I was walking up to my apartment on the first day it was mine, 2 days after the fire, I thought, "Hmm... I smell barbecue." Then I turned the corner and saw the charred remains of a condominium building. Yeeeeah.


i am going to murder my cat if she wakes me up at 3AM with her lonely yowling again tomorrow morning. I don't care if you can't find a 3am playbuddy, shut the fuck up about it and let me sleep!!!


I know it's been awhile, but maybe things will start to become more regular here. details to follow.

so i did it - i got an apartment. I found it on craigslist. the ad sounded nice, so i went and met the potential roommate, who also seemed nice, filled out an application, paid my deposit, and all of a sudden, bam, I have a place to live. moving is a pain in the butt, but it's nice to finally have a place to call home. I started moving in as soon as last Monday, with the purchase and setup of a 20-gallon aquarium with 3 fancy goldfish, and the transport of a few boxes. By Friday I had everything i needed to sleep here - on a mattress also purchased on craigslist - and as of saturday everything is pretty much here. jared came up and spent the weekend with me, which was very nice. we went to a great thai place that is literally a 1-minute walk from my apartment, piddled around the city, spent way too much on nice clothes at northgate mall (i've discovered i can fit in a size 4 at express - dangerous knowledge)... and in the meantime i've been slowly moving in. i don't have nearly enough furniture though - most glaringly missing are a desk and a big bookshelf. I have one small bookshelf but it only holds like half my books, not to mention pictures and art stuff and other random crap. the place also has wireless, which is great. i am currently reclining in my bed typing. my only wish right now is that i had an airport express so that i could be streaming music to my stereo speakers which are across the room. wires are so obnoxious - airtunes is where it's at.

man, it is so nice to be a consumer again. i spent 40 bucks on a new shirt for work yesterday, and i don't feel bad about it. i am a little resentful of the 45 bucks i spent on flea medication for my little fleabag, but i suppose having fleas all over the house is yucky, and she will be much happier when she's less itchy. plus i got 4 months worth for that price.

last night we went out dancing - progressive house at the baltic room on the far west edge of capital hill. it was pretty sweet, especially since jared met the guy putting on the show at another thing last wednesday, and he guestlisted us. so all we paid for was drinks. it was pretty cool.

frida just added her commentary to this blog entry by rubbing her butt against my computer screen. thanks, kitty. she's pretty stoked to have a balcony where she can go out and smell outside, and i'm glad she has a place she can be outside without me worrying about her. i was worried that she'd try to jump over the railing and get out, but it's a long way down (i'm on the 2nd floor) and also, there is a 2 or 3 inch gap between the deck and the solid part of the railing, so she can crouch down and see everything going on. she's still getting used to the fact that she's allowed to be outside on the deck though - she always looks like she's guilty when she comes in and goes out, like she's going to get squirted with the water bottle. she'll get used to it in time though. i just hope she can adjust to being the only cat in the house - the past two nights she's run around the apartment yowling, trying to find another kitty to play with.

that's all the news for now. hopefully updates to this will start to become more frequent.