i'm blogging from a wireless connection! beautiful!

I finally bought an 802.11b card. They were at Fry's for $50 with a $30 mail in rebate - not bad, not bad at all. so yeah, exciting. yay wireless. yay!


my boyfriend is interviewing for a Real Job. like, a post-graduation full-time position. in richmond, virginia.

am i getting old?

dude, so i just updated (mostly removed old stuff) my website. weird.

not much to blog about. partied in oakland on friday night, that was fun... slept a lot this weekend, like always... painted "passion" tonight. i don't quite know if i like it yet, but i'll figure that out later. i need to get off my ass and make an online portfolio of my shit... spent fuckloads of time with tim, like usual, which i love. god, i'm so in love. it's pathetic.

"i'm sleeping later, waking later, eating less and thinking more" -everything but the girl



colin, on military training for sex: "i haven't gotten around to finishing the deed yet, but if it ever comes to that, i'll know what to do."