katamari comes to life


my birthday is in 2 days... i'm gonna be old. shit.


newy hap year!

ok, so it's been awhile since i've posted. too long, i guess. whatever.

it's 2006. WHAT. THE. FUCK. no one asked me if it was okay to become 2006, nor did i ever give my consent. the other day, jared accidentally wrote 12/27/01 on a check, and i laughed at him. on the bright side, this means we're... a quarter of the way through the last ever Bush presidency (knock on wood)... and more than halfway done with the first decade of the 21st century (and third millennium).

let's see. since i last blogged, i finished finals (4.0 GPA baby), got an X-mas tree went to Whistler BC with Jared for 4 days, and spent a lot of time with family for the whole X-mas thing.

Here's the tree, in all its beauty and resplendency:

i'm taking it down today (all the ornaments and lights are down now) which is sad, since it was such an awesome tree. oh well... hopefully next year we can find just as great a tree. (super shout out to Tessa's dad for the tree!)

o canada!

whistler was sunny and 31 (okay, -0.5C, since we were in Metric-land) the whole time we were there, leading to icy snow and a somewhat less than optimal boarding experience. no new snow the entire time we were there, until the morning of our departure the clouds rolled in, and by the time we were 15 minutes out of whistler, it looked like this:

we even saw a car overturned in a ditch. scary stuff, but i think everyone was out of the car by the time we drove by. no one seemed terribly injured, which is always good. and we made it safely home.

the whole trip was a ton of fun though, since when we weren't snowboarding, we were drinking, or sleeping, or watching ski and snowboard instructors jump through rings of fire: