so i've been told that blogging drunk is fun. so perhaps it is, i see. I like it. i like blogging, i like being drunk, so why not combine the two? (: Whee. So I went out to Enchanted Broccoli Forest tonight and got drunk with some sophomores I barely know. But it's cool because they're really cool people.
So, as evidence of the drunkenness that is inside me, I present an excerpt from a conversation I am having right now:
aresdeimos (1:24:53 AM): too many sexy damn men here
aresdeimos (1:24:59 AM): so many boys, so little time
eric (1:25:07 AM): luip!
aresdeimos (1:25:10 AM): lol
eric (1:25:16 AM): kat will truly earn the title sketchy...
aresdeimos (1:25:17 AM): i got accused of being a sexual predator today
eric (1:25:20 AM): hahah
eric (1:25:23 AM): by who?
aresdeimos (1:25:24 AM): i'm working on it, i'm working on it
aresdeimos (1:25:28 AM): jia, who else?
eric (1:25:36 AM): yeah, good point
eric (1:25:45 AM): that's ok, he's just jealous too
aresdeimos (1:25:47 AM): jamie was mocking me
aresdeimos (1:25:51 AM): yeah
aresdeimos (1:26:00 AM): everyone's jealous... 'cause i'm so damn sexy
eric (1:26:07 AM): yes, exactly
eric (1:26:29 AM): wait, so what was jamie mocking you abot?
eric (1:26:37 AM): damn...i can't type
aresdeimos (1:26:58 AM): being a sexual predator
eric (1:27:07 AM): ah
aresdeimos (1:27:07 AM): when was she mocking?
eric (1:27:22 AM): i dunno....aresdeimos (1:26:02 AM): jamie was mocking me
aresdeimos (1:27:40 AM): fuck
aresdeimos (1:27:42 AM): dammit
aresdeimos (1:27:47 AM): i am drunk!!!!!
eric (1:27:54 AM): rofl
aresdeimos (1:28:00 AM): fuck fuck fuck
eric (1:28:32 AM): oh well, it had to happen sometime

yeah. so i suppose i've gota bit in me. Jia, this post is for you, because you say that blogging drunk is fun. And I wholly concur.
And for the record, Mike is a sexy bitch. Yeah.

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