something really random about myself: i used to have the ingredients to my shampoo memorized. the shampoo bottle was just about at eye level in my shower at home - it was in a hanging caddy beneath the shower head. so while i was washing myself, there was nothing to look at except the ingredients and other tidbits on the label of the shampoo. i found myself, at a very young age, memorizing how to pronounce that long chemical name that's in every shampoo on the market - methylchloroisothiazolinone, and its slightly shorter cousin, methylisothiazolinone. what the hell these organic molecules are, i have no idea, but i used to repeat their names to myself to the tune of this song I used to play on the piano entitled "Knight Rupert" (why can't i remember who it was by???). god, i was a weird kid. anyway, i've noticed lately that i haven't got reading material in the shower - my shampoo is down by my feet rather than on a rack at eye level, and thus my brain is left to its own devices, devoid of any inspiration, while i'm showering. i feel as though my brain is going completely unused during this period of time - an entire 20 minutes of unused gigaflops or whatever. i wish that assigned reading for classes were printed on the shampoo bottle. i'd get more of it done.


wow, once again a long hiatus. i need to get more regular about this whole blogging thing. i guess i'm just so busy living my life that i don't have time to write about it as much. i really hate the idea of killing my blog, or discontinuing it, or anything, but i'm obviously not as regular of a poster as i used to be... blah. i've been coding a lot, studying some, drinking a lot of tea, and spending a lot of time outside my dorm. i love life, right now. it's wonderful.

today i decided to pick up another minor: cs. that's right. computer science minor. which makes most of my quarters from here on out 16 units or more, but that's still livable... i felt like a slacker with 13-unit quarters from here on out, so i'd been going through the bulletin thinking about what else (besides japanese) i could minor in. CS seemed like the most practical. I mean, it'll be a lot of work, but it seems that a CS minor will help me get a job if I can't get one in PD, or help me be more marketable in PD. *shrug* maybe i just enjoy coding. anyway, i think it's a positive decision, even though it's gonna be an assload of work.

last night was synergy's annual halloween party, which is always a lot of fun. lots of people, totally interesting costumes, blacklight-sensitive face paint, yummy food... it was a good night. there was a rumor flying that last year the brownies at the party had been "special" brownies, but no such luck this year. :P

tonight: coding. yay coding.


wow. i've been so damn busy, dude... i haven't blogged in forever. well... i think this past weekend was probably one of the best so far ever. i spent almost literally every moment possible with tim. and even after being together for literally the entire weekend, we still had things to talk about and weren't sick of each other or anything. *sigh* (:

other than that... went to a party on friday night in the city, which was pretty tight... lots of local dj's spinning trance, jungle, and house... it rocked hard until 1:30 when the cops showed up and decided to shut it down. i guess there was some illegal shit going down there, though i didn't even really notice. everyone there was under control, and enjoying themselves and not hurting anyone, so i don't see what their problem with it was. ah well - at least it was only a half hour early, rather than like at 10:30 or something.

classes are going well. i did a sweet art project on saturday night - i'll hopefully get some images of my art projects up on my webpage at some point in time. this one is a series entitled "ceremony - anger - festivity". each of the 3 pieces conveys one of the emotions - in white footprints on black paper. it's sweet. and it was hella fun to make too. paint is delightful on the feet. i'm thinking about redoing it, actually, on huge pieces of butcher paper, and enlisting other peoples' help with it too, how fun would that be, to have an art-making party, where you get your feet gooshy with tempera paint.

yeah. i feel bad for not updating for 10 days... i suck. ah well.


who's the new roth RCC? that's right. it's me. i'm so excited about it... yay... i'm a part of the house management staff, and an employee of residential computing. score.

i think art will be less frightening than i thought. today we had our first presentation of works. mine was actually about above average as far as quality goes. the teacher didn't rip into it too much, either - the only negative comment he made about it was that it was almost saccharine. but that it conveyed the emotion i was going for pretty well. i'm actually becoming re-excited about that class - it seems a lot less intimidating now. a lot of the works brought in were not nearly as cool as ideas i have in my head for the same assignments.

and now... i'm going clubbing, 'cause it's junior night at the Icon in palo alto, and though i'm not a junior, i can try damn hard to be one. and all the friends i'm going with are. and actually if you get technical about it (i.e. juniors being people who have 90 units) i am a junior. so there. (: