This parrot is dead!"


bush meets bono

salon has a totally great picture of the president with his arch-nemesis, bono... with some really funny captions. The picture itself is worth a thousand words... you can just SEE the hate-rays coming out of bono's eyes. i guess that's why he wears those sunglasses, because otherwise the president's head would just *bam*



so i aced the second bio quiz. and all is right with the world. exam on friday? no fuckin problem.

i'm all doped up on day-quil, so my brain's been a bit slow today. what follows is a complete non-sequitur. i had lab this morning. my lab group already absolutely loves me because i save their ass a lot. or just save them a lot of work. one or the other. i can't help it, molecular biology just makes sense to me.

the days are getting shorter and darker and I LOVE IT. i'm so excited for winter. too long has my snowboard languished under the bed in disuse. plus i got new boots (that actually fit) and real metal bindings (rather than plastic) last season so i'm good to go. i just hope we don't have another stupid global warming winter like we had last year.



oh my fucking god i am so pissed off at my bio ta. so on the first quiz, which was returned to us today, i got a fucking 19 out of 20. so i look to see what i'd done wrong because I KNEW i had aced that quiz. and I see that i've been docked a point because the o and the l in the word "Golgi apparatus" are a little close together so it looks like I wrote "Gdgi apparatus". OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. YES I REALLY THINK IT'S CALLED THE GDGI APPARATUS. WTF.

I shouldn't be seething about 1 point on a quiz, BUT I AM.


before i die i will do this

dogsledding on svalbard

i was just playing with google maps, when i found this island north of russia and norway, about on the same latitude as the north end of greenland, and i was like, hmm, what is this place? so i wikied it. it looks beautiful. so i randomly found this site for this "resort" type place, where you can stay in longyearbyen, which is the "major city" on the island (pop. less than 2000) and take a 3-day dogsledding adventure to a ship frozen in a fjord. where they have modern amenities and a cozy little hotel. it just sounds so fucking cool... plus you get to pick your own puppies and take care of them for the duration of the trip!! puppies! just waiting, hoping you'll let them go on a trip running with their buddies across the arctic. and the only sound you can hear is the doggies running on the snow. i must do this before i depart this earth.


liek omg

the best thing evar happened before biology lecture today... a girl got up to make announcements about tri-beta, the biological honor society, and their goings-on. so she gets up and giggles and tells us about tutoring, and omg, like mentoring and stuff, and then the biology club meetings, the first of which is this thursday at 6pm, where we'll be talking about, um, intellectual design, so you should all like, totally come!

biology honor society my ass. intellectual design, omg! u r so smart. i wonder if she was just ditzy because she was in front of 200 people, or if she really has no perspective on what intelligent design is.