Dear Fucking Morons:

Have you registered to vote yet? I didn't think so. I don't understand you people - whining and bitching about how much your life sucks, and not taking the time to think about why your life sucks so much. No job? Want to go to the doctor but can't afford it? Can't afford to pay for gas? Yeah, life really sucks right now. And it's not going to change unless you register to vote before tomorrow. Because after that you're out of time, and you don't get a say in where this country goes over the course of the next four years. Don't let me catch you whining about it, because I'll probably kick you in the teeth, because it's your fault nothing changed, and I hate you for it. Fuckers.



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random sassy picture of the day (r.s.p.o.t.d.): sassy!

So I was chillin on the bus on my way home from work today, listening to some Death Cab ('cuz i was in an emo mood) on my 'pod, when these two skater punk high school kids get on and sit down next to me. we're in the three-seater at the back of the bus that faces sideways, so there's three across here, with three others sitting opposite us. i notice as they get on that one of them has white cords hanging down from his ears inside his hoodie. and then after they sit down, the other kid pulls out his shiny white metallic device and plugs white wires into HIS ears. the two of them start laughing and rocking out to their music together, like, look what WE have! so i'm getting self conscious and tired of death cab, so i pull out MY ipod and start changing the tunes. Then i notice the guy sitting across from us laughing. we must have looked like a real-life apple commercial or something. i tried hard not to laugh for awhile and then i got into my music and forgot all about those suckers, because that's what an ipod is for, tuning out unnecessary information.


I just got a great idea for an art installation. I'd call it "ego masturbation" and then have a huge series, probably around 20, of self-portraits. All artists' work is essentially pretentious and ego-masturbatory, the more abstract (conceptually or aesthetically) the more pretentious and masturbatory. It's that whole "you wouldn't get it, it's about ME" thing. My series would only be different in that by admitting to my own pretense and publicly pointing out the ego fellatio, i bring out the irony in others'.

what an awesome idea.

Work blew today. I feel like taking each and every person from accounts payable and ripping their hairs out one by one. and then their toenails. gaaaah. they like to "lose" and "not pay" invoices. pardon me if i'm wrong, but isn't "paying" "invoices" by definition the purpose of having an accounts payable department? Fuckers. And then they went and moved their customer service line onto the general Employee Service Center. So basically I can't talk to anyone in the same building as AP, much less someone in the same room. So I have no way of verifying what the fuck they're doing there. And it drives me nuts. GAAAAH.

anyway. fuck work.

i wish i knew of a way to pay for school, and whether i was going to get in, so that i could start a "days until i'm quitting this damn job" countdown. but, as long as money and admissions are up in the air, i'm suffering in that place indefinitely. hooray.


Ugh, it's Monday again. How does this keep happening to me? At least it's over... work pretty much sucked today as I realized I have too much to get done before the end of the week, and not enough time to do it. Plus it's the end of the month which means rent is due on Frida. And it's a new month, so I have to get a new bus pass. Yuck. Which means I have to keep my spending as low as possible until next Friday, since my new digital camera took a big old bite out of my last paycheck, and there was almost none left when I got paid last friday. Yargh, biweekly paychecks can blow sometimes.

At least I don't have the costs of a brand new kitten... why didn't we take pictures of Maxwell this weekend, Jared??



Yeah, so I just bought a table for my room. This table is the shit. It's desk size, but bar height, and looks oh so classy with my ikea bookcase. I'd post pictures, but my boyfriend has my camera (for craigslisting purposes).

So let's review. Apartment/roommate? Got it on Craigslist. Bed (well, mattress on floor): Craigslist. Desk thing: Craigslist. Fish tank? Craigslist. Friends? Craigslist. Bookcase? ...Ikea.

I'm a craigslist junkie.



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And it's my kitten. Look at the goddamn camera, Frida!


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aaaaand... fishies!


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yeah, so i did a bad thing and bought a digital camera... the nikon coolpix 2200. $150. rock on. and 2 megapixels is really enough for my purposes, so i don't feel too cheap only spending that much. and the pics look pretty damn good.

I've decided to acquire a taste for vodka martinis. With olives, of course. And classy glasses.


dooce has an amazing story about poop. This is probably the best poop story I have EVER heard.


fucking sweet, man.

The New York Times has a piece on the cultural significance of the thong and how it is decreasing in market share, losing ground to the boy short. the issues that matter.

Let's all go buy assault weapons! They're legal today!


if this doesn't shock and horrify you beyond words, you're a terrible person.

Why is the FDA dragging its heels in an investigation into the link between juvenile use of antidepressants and increased suicide risk? Whose pockets are their hands in?

Oh yeah, and the stranger's Bush Reelection Alert is at red. Wonderful.


nothing has made me this happy in a long time.

Man, you know shit's fucked up when humanitarian organizations are pulling out of iraq. The country is becoming too dangerous for them to be there due to more and more groups kidnapping people. It seems like it's a downward slope, things aren't getting any better than they were a year ago, with Americans retreating from Fallujah (and I don't even want to think about how many people have died there). In the past week the American death toll passed the 1,000 - and here's a scary fact: that is higher than the death toll for the first three years of the Vietnam war. Or, rather, of the first three years American troops were in Vietnam. The Iraqi death toll estimated to be around 12 times that - here's a website with the statistics. That's some fucked up shit.

I guess there is some masochistic side of me that wants things to get bad for a few years. not elsewhere, not in Iraq, not in Russia, but here at home. Americans are so convinced that the way they live now is how it's going to be forever, or that things are only going to get better from here... look at the Republicans' predictions on the economy, and how wrong they've been for the past few years, but everyone keeps looking forward and thinking things will get better. You know what? They aren't, especially if Bush is re-elected.

That's another thing I'm working on coming to terms with - Bush's reelection. It's not that I'm losing hope, it's... that... I'm losing hope. don't get me wrong, I'm still going to vote, and be just as fucking adamant about making my friends vote, as I have been, but it's an uphill battle. But what happens if W does get reelected? Do I flee the country in November? I can't. I don't have enough points for canadian citizenship and I don't have the cash or family elsewhere (i.e. western europe) to run off there. I guess what I'll have to do is stay here and fight the power with whatever means i can.

Fuck the Man. Yes, I did just say that on my blog. Homeland Security, do me your worst.


You'd think my goldfish weren't getting enough to eat, watching them attack the algae wafer i dropped into my tank to feed Seamus, my plecostomus. But no, they aren't going hungry, they're just goldfish. Goldfish do three things: eat, swim, and poop. They're just damn entertaining when they do the first two of those, at least. They're getting bigger, too, which excites me. I can tell Agent Scully is way happier in 20 gallons than she was in 1 gallon, and the other two new fish (Marcellus Wallace and Orange Fish) are doing awesome too. Such happy little swimmy goldfish.

this brings me to my second thought. I need a digital camera, badly. i want to have a photo blog. My life is far more visually interesting now than it was 3 years ago when i started this blog (holy shit, it HAS been that long. Check the archive links on the side for proof). I want to post pictures of my kitty being goofy on catnip, my goldfish fighting over algae wafers, my new bookshelf and room, and all that fun stuff. Maybe even photo-j my daily commute, or interesting things in the neighborhood, of which there are plenty. I wish I could have documented the fire in the building behind us from the beginning - or at least the aftermath - because now they're pretty much done cleaning up and they'll probably start rebuilding soon. I wish I could show you the view from Gasworks Park at sunset. I need a digital camera, and that's that.

But I must not buy one until I've paid off my snowboard boots and my ipod and at least most of my computer. Me having a credit card is kind of a bad thing.