yup, i think it's time to resurrect this blog.

it's funny... it contains a lot of my past, past with which i may have wanted to disconnect with for some reason or another, but... can we really part with our own pasts?

our lives are the sums of our decisions, and you can't un-make decisions. this blog contains a lot of my decisions... so it is a big part of my life. i feel the need to reclaim it.

especially after googling "kat reinhart" and realizing that there are other bitches out there with my name making worse decisions than me. lol.


it won't truly be "uncensored"... like i thought it would... back when the internet was a secret place that no one knew about...

but on the other hand, i think that it's better than just hiding all of my thoughts in paper journals that no one else gets to read. if you have the time to go through my archives, feel free... it's all shit that i wrote. the real kat reinhart, please stand up...

moar to follow. hello world, i'm glad to be back.



A few months ago, Tessa left a comment on this blog asking if it is dead.

Yes and no. My writer's block has combined with so many years of blogging here at the same place to leave me unable/unwilling/unwanting to update this one.

So I'm starting a new one: Kat in Oregon.

Pls update your bookmarks/RSS feeds/etc.


where in the world is osama bin laden?

morgan spurlock? motherfucking hero.

from nova's twitter the other day

"is anything more subversive than being an optimist in the face of harrowing adversity?"

i like it.

more posting later, quite likely. but for now, work to do.


forget r&r

what you really need when you're under the weather is b^3:

books and beer in a bath.


two thousand and what?

so suddenly it's a new year, i haven't blogged in decades, and i'm home early from work because the persistent cough i had over vacation has turned back into something that makes me not feel good; the hacking and the mild nausea from the post-nasal drip has left me completely exhausted. i managed to crawl from the bed to the couch around 8:30 this morning, and then proceeded to sleep until 10:30, roll into work around 11, and then leave promptly when i was done with all i needed to do (timepoint + group meeting) and take the bus home. i'm planning on hopping back into the sack for a few hours here in a second, but i thought i'd blog in the meanwhile, since i never seem to do that anymore.

2008. january. three times i've written and deleted this paragraph, and i just can't figure out what to say about 2008. i guess i'll just leave it at this: everything is lined up for a year of hard work that pays off. my goals for 2008: get into grad school, get at least one paper, and preferably 2 or more (plus a lead author one), accepted to a journal; maintain good relationships with all the amazing people i've met in the last year or four; and keep my fingers crossed for the right set of conditions to make another attempt at the mountain that kicked my ass last spring. in short: to do more of the things i'm constantly thinking about doing. will that apply to blogging? we'll see.

and now, since i'm far too tired and lazy to write more paragraphs about what i've been doing, i'm going to forgo sentence structure and just start listing things.

been reading:
middlesex, by jeffrey eugenides. (quite possibly the best book i've ever read; read it together with mutants by armand marie leroi for maximum impact)
night watch series, by sergei lukyanenko. just an awesome fantasy world, fun read but not fluffy.
do androids dream of electric sheep? by philip k. dick. not sure if i'll finish it; probably not dick's best story, but with the new cut of blade runner out i felt like i needed to at least give it a try....
requiem for a dream by hubert selby, jr. fucked up book. almost definitely won't finish it; almost as unitelligible as naked lunch. more readable to modern audiences than finnegan's wake though.

currently listening: live at kexp volume 3. it's good. you can't buy it anymore.

lots of new flickr photos up, but i'm too tired to go through them and post a few right now. expect some photoblog posts soon. in the meantime just go look at them if you want.

ok. i think it's naptime.


turkey day

thanksgiving was pretty successful, i'd have to say.
gregg cleans up alright, it turns out... despite all my worrying, he managed to come through and not just survive my family but even managed to impress them. Macallan scotch and being a closet Coug for the win.
all in all not a bad turkey day.