So, this morning I was watching tv and I learned that the tragedy on Tuesday is my fault. According to asshole Falwell, the blame lies with "the pagans, the gays, and the feminists." I think that, at least under his definitions, I fall under at least two of those categories... since I'm not Christian I must be pagan. not that there's anything wrong with paganism. but... I can't believe that in a time of national tragedy and crisis that someone would be so stupid as to point fingers at anyone other than terrorists. I'm sorry. I thought that even feminists were allowed to have freedom and peace of mind and safety in this nation. So, I propose we tear Jerry Falwell limb from limb, and let the dogs have at him. Or something equally painful. That man has never done anything but piss me off. asshole.

sorry for the recent departures from my normal writing style. this comment by falwell has angered me so much that i thought it needed to be shared. and the shameless plug for comments... i'm bad. :P

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