The Little Things that Make Me Happy:
:: The sludge at the bottom of my coffee cup - uber-caffeinated, and chocolatey, due to the cocoa mix I poured in.
:: Fridays.
:: The fact that my coffee violates the laws of thermodynamics and becomes colder than its surroundings by the time I drink said sludge.
:: Winning at FreeCell.
:: The garbage can I stole from the office across the hall.
:: Winning at FreeCell - again.
:: Old Weezer songs
:: Half days
:: New songs on the radio

The Little Things that Piss Me Off:
:: Carpal tunnel syndrome and eyestrain
:: Excel spreadsheets of more than 5000 lines
:: Losing at FreeCell
:: The threat of thunderstorms on my matchbox twenty concert... shoulda sprung for the reserved seats instead of the uncovered lawn... :P

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