bum on the beach

been awhile. i guess there's not too much to report... it's been a lazy summer, unremarkable thus far. i've been spending as much time as possible at the beach and swimming, while the weather is so nice... lake washington has reached a VERY pleasant temperature and is far, far too tempting to resist. the temperature has mellowed out after a few days of unpleasantness (tempered, of course, by long, frequent trips to the lake), but it's still warm and sunny. got to savor this while it lasts.

i think i'm going to go feed my fish, take some pictures of them, and then go... study on the beach. i'm working on "bum" status.




well, the moving thing is over with and i am well on my way to getting settled in my new apartment. woohoo! it's so nice having my own space... my own kitchen... my own bathroom. i'll post pics when i get a chance, but since i have no internet at home it might be a while.

in the meantime, i'm uploading some pics from my trip and the last few weeks on flickr. might take awhile to upload though, since i'm trying to upload 25 images... yikes.