gravity by josh joplin group

i will not be here forever
so i will not waste any time
just pick my head up from off the bar dear
buy the next round, i'll be fine
spoken like a poet
who's just too drunk to know that

everybody falls
in small degrees
everybody falls
in small degrees
it's gravity
it's gravity

here within lies the king of graceland
which makes the point all too clear
we stand in long lines
praying our piece
and go home with a souvenir
and only fools rush in
to save a desparate man

everybody falls
in small degrees
everybody falls
in small degrees
it's gravity
it's gravity

pull me down
don't pull me down
pull me down
don't pull me down

when i was little i used to dream that
i had a cape and i could fly
i rescued my friends from burning buildings
and no one would ever die
costumes fade fast
superpowers pass

everybody falls
in small degrees
everybody falls
in small degrees
it's gravity
it's gravity


not mean telecasts baking balcony space.


wow. this weather is gloomy. it's the first rainy day we've had since i got here, over a month ago, and it's also the first day on pacific standard time, so it's double-dark and double-gloomy right now. it threatened rain all day, and finally started to drizzle sometime while i was in calculus lecture. not hard, but dreary. horribly dreary, but refreshing at the same time. it's odd.

cami is in the hospital... she went there last night, something about severe abdominal pain. last i heard they don't know if it's appendicitis, but i just heard shilpa say something about surgery. she'll be fine, i'm sure, but it's still kind of scary, not knowing what's wrong with her. hopefully she'll be home tomorrow.

last night flicks was the exorcist... man, that flick is so freaky. fortunately i was able to push it out of my mind and not freak out while i was trying to sleep. i don't think i'd have been able to make it through the show if it hadn't been for the kid on my left making smartass remarks throughout the movie, and for the mike on my right, who held my hand through the freaky parts. but it was a good movie. i enjoyed it.

this one's for you, jamie.

what an odd day.



isn't it amazing the way that plants take water and carbon dioxide, just out of the air, and turn it into this green stuff we see here? i mean, it's growing out of nothing. that material wasn't inside the seed it came out of, or in the soil, because the level of the soil is staying the same. The only thing that it appears to consume is water... and the co2 from the air... and it turns it into all sorts of stuff that is plants. it's a miracle. how did the plants ever come to figure out those chemical reactions?? i'm awed. my grass is growing.


so why is it that I keep working on my webpage when I know i ought to be doing homework? It's not that i'm ignoring work that needs to be done, everything's getting done, but I could be out having a "life" or something and instead I'm sitting here working on my webpage and editing my winamp playlist. Interesting. But whatever... I'm having a good time, and I'm getting everything done.

Flicks tonight - they canceled Rocky Horror. Evidently the distributor fucked up and it didn't get delivered... I don't know what the story is behind that. but they're showing Scream and the Exorcist, for free, instead, which is kinda cool, if I hadn't already paid for the damn show. Oh well, I think I'll be okay.

Halloween partied last night. It was a lot of fun. Fought off sketchy UCLA students, successfully avoided eating the "brownies" at Synergy, ran into a kid from my profro weekend, and had a good time. My roomies and I were Charlie's Angels, except we didn't stick together the whole night so it didn't look like we were dressed up. Oh well, it was still fun. (:

Weee. I wonder if there are any parties on Wednesday (other than the classic EBF Happy Hour, which is every wednesday night). I'm sure i'll hear about it. Good stuff.

And, I'm almost half done with my calc problem set, even though it's not due until Thursday! I am awesome.


ohhh, I just went to the ass-kickingest concert. So about 5:10, Joel IMs me and says, hey, you're going to see Save Ferris with me tonight. So i'm like, well, I've got this PAA dinner... lemme cancel it. Not like an advising dinner can compete with Save Ferris... so I was all, totally there. Man, the concert kicked ass. The warm-up bands were both really good... limitpoint and the flipsides... but then, save ferris blew them both away. RRRGH it was soooo awesome!!! They played "come on eileen" as the last song in their encore... ohh, it was the best concert. Man... i can't get over how cool that was!!!


I'm trying to keep my feet on the ground
I'm getting to like this feeling I've found
I'm getting to love the thought of having you around
and I will never let you down

your friends were all well-meaning when they said
No one is good enough for you
Play with you emotion
Dismiss the notion, do what you have to do
People don't take chances with their hearts
Since I met you I am past the hardest part
So remember one thing - I will never let you down.

I'm trying to keep my feet on the ground
I'm getting to like this feeling I've found
I'm getting to love the thought of having you around
and I will never let you down

Sometimes you feel defeated, but it's okay,
You're not the only one.
And all the complications, bad situations
Happen to everyone
Doesn't matter how it ended or began
Sometimes the best that you can do is change your plan
Hope you understand that I will never let you down.

I'm trying to keep my feet on the ground
I'm getting to like this feeling I've found
I'm getting to love the thought of having you around
and I will never let you down

I'm trying to keep my feet on the ground
I'm getting to like this feeling I've found
I'm getting to love the thought of having you around
and I will never let you down

I'm trying to keep my feet on the ground
I'm getting to like this feeling I've found
I'm getting to love the thought of having you around
and I will never let you down
I will never let you down.
I will never let you down.
I will never let you down.

--The Verve Pipe, "Never Let You Down"

Hmm. changing the url of my blog... is this working? hmmm.
(suspected parental infiltration necessitates this.)

productivity of the wrong sort

so today i had a vocab quiz in japanese, and i have an ihum paper due tomorrow... and i stayed up until 2 am... working on my webpage. that's right... i was highly productive, but in the wrong way. unfortunately i bombed the quiz (i think the paper will be okay)... rrgh. i should have started studying for it sooner and studied more... but that's okay... my webpage is updated! i'm currently working on a redesign of the front page, because, well, it sucks right now. i want a more graphical, pretty layout, but i have exactly zero experience with that sort of stuff... so it may be awhile before it's up.

i have to do a fucking problem set for thursday too. god damn it. i hate this "work" thing... :P.

oh well... i'll get over it. i am a college student after all.


funny freaking story:
So last night, after we went swing dancing but before we went partying, Mike and I stopped by to chill here for awhile, right, so we were having a bit to drink (not a lot, just a bit)... the lights were off, the christmas lights were on, we were having a nice little... um... calculus studying moment, when there's this knock on the door. I figure it's one of my roommates, knocking to be polite, so I yell, "Come in!" So I get up and open the door, and standing there is my PAA Sagar, with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts... yikes. The look on his face as he realizes that I was indeed making out with one of his acquaintances... then we realize that standing next to Sagar is one of Mike's best friends.... yeah. the two of them just stood there and stared for a minute.... priceless. priceless. That's going on my all-time top 10.


So I got up in time to go to class this morning, and was packing my bag up and everything when i realized that Friday is the day that Japanese homework is due... oops. So I did that this morning instead of last night... but whatever. I can go to the 11AM Japanese class, say I slept late, because it's happened before, turn in my HW, go to the 1:15 calculus lecture, and be all good. Anyway, it was worth it to be able to hang out with Mike last night. We went to the Cantor Arts Center and looked at art and stuff, and then we went to the party at Roble, which was not very happening while we were there, and then we went back to Narnia and watched Jennie and Kate (sophomores I know from SCPJ) be very drunk then just hung out in his room. It was tons of fun. So what if I didn't get to bed until 2 - I had fun. And anyway, today's friday, so who cares??


Wow, there is some scary shit going on in the world today. I don't know what to make of it... anthrax sent to our leaders (democratic leaders!) and media... where are we safe? who is safe? what can we do? nothing.
<em>test of html</em><p>does html work when i post through the aim bot?

Guess who aced their japanese midterm? ohh, I think that would be me. I rule.


I think my roommate is the only person I've ever met who says "I have to go shower and shit" and means "I have to go shower, and I have to go shit."

The first thing she told Heather and I about herself was: "I shit a lot."

But that's okay, Jenny... I still love you.

Okay, so I totally just slept through Japanese. What an odd feeling. I woke up at 9:50 (class is at 10) and said, screw this, i'm sleeping some more. It's weird though because I got to bed before 1... but I am feeling a bit on the sick side, so I suppose sleep was what I needed. Last night Mike came by with some chicken soup and we ate chicken soup and played ping-pong... he killed everyone he played against, he's that good. i'm not. i lost almost every game I played... but perhaps I'll refine my "raw talent" in a few weeks... (yeah, right).
Oh well, I think I had better get my ass off to the 11:00 Japanese class, screw IHum...


Anyway, I hope this stuff all works... an AIM client that posts to my blog is a beautiful idea... makes my life easier. hooray for the guy that wrote this.

Sorry about the lack of posts in recent history - yeah. I've been super-busy. Stanford kicks ass. I had a midterm in Japanese today, and I have one in Calc tomorrow night... and an IHum paper due next tuesday. but I think I have it under control... good stuff.

So I'm posting this through an AIM client... it's almost as if I were having an AIM conversation. In fact, I am having and AIM conversation here, with mister blogbot. I wonder if it's going to work. I certainly hope so. Anyway, if this thing really works, you might be seeing some more blogging for me.

take notes, boys

if a girl you're into is feeling under the weather, you're guaranteed to win points if you bring her chicken soup.

just a word of advice. (:

ohhh, sketchy grad-studentness abounds

yeah, so i was at the atm trying to deposit some paychecks (turns out the bank of america atm won't accept deposits, how fucking lame is that??) and this apparent grad student came up behind me, waiting to use the atm... so i bitched about it not accepting my deposit and he asked me if i wanted to go get coffee!!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!

now that's sketchy.


Movie I watched last night:
so i married an axe murderer.

movies i still need to see:
pulp fiction
fight club
american pie 2 (which is on my hd, but i haven't gotten around to it yet)


movies i need to see:

fight club
so i married an axe murderer
pulp fiction

Okay, now my attempt to recover from the blogger eating incident.

But it's not happening. I don't remember the story I told earlier. I remember that it involved Becky totally hitting on a gay guy at a party last night though. Anyway, let's just leave it at that to minimize the beckybarassment.
I think it's probably a bad thing that I consider the weekend to start on wednesday (suiyoobi) nights, and extend through monday(getsuyoobi) nights. That just leaves one night a week for stuff such as "homework ", "studying", and "problem sets". But then, said concepts are certainly overrated, as are "midterms", "papers", and "grades". So... weekend is now wednesday (suiyoobi) through monday (getsuyoobi). Let Tuesday (kayoobi) handle the shit, and give the fun over to the other six days of the week! (Pardon the intrusion of the japanese, but I have a midterm in that class on getsuyoobi, and so I have to study these things.)

But I'm going to be following the rules tonight. The drink rules. The no beer rule. Beer is gross. And the no more than 2 in 2 hours rule. Especially especially around Mike. Because making an ass of yourself in front of certain guys is just not good. Especially when you've been trying so desparately (and apparently succeeding) to make a good impression on said guy. And when it's been a running joke to not see him while I'm sober for something like three straight weeks. That's bad, you know? Drinking is fun, but sobreity is underrated.

WAAAH! Blogger ate my blog! I blogged! I really did! About a half hour ago! But Blogger ate it... fuckers.

I'll reblog it later. I promise


i feel pretty damn good.

but that could just be because i'm hanging out with mike tonight at the coho.

yeah, probably.



I know, it's been awhile since I've blogged... once again, too damn busy leading my life to blog about it. My life has been so fucking full... I could just write about my schedule, or I could write a narrative of what I've done since last I blogged... but I think I'll just write what comes to mind.

Hmm. Where to begin. Today, I went to a protest in White Plaza. It was pretty interesting, because there were tons of people there supporting the peace movement, and also a few people who just wanted to call us morons. But there was pretty good support, even though the turnout was about 100 people... it was a neat experience. I wanted to go to the protest in Palo Alto, but I really don't have time, due to the huge amounts of IHum, calculus and japanese I am now avoiding.

Saturday was our scavenger hunt in San Francisco. It really was just a big group of kids roving the city, getting to know it a bit. I had a ton of fun... we took pictures of random shit. I proposed to the guy at FAO Schwartz who wears the toy soldier outfit.... he accepted... so I'm engaged to a toy soldier now. that's kind of cool. The trip was a blast though, and I saw so much of SF... one girl in my group got her nose pierced in the Haight... that was neat. I thought about doing my eyebrow, but decided that the eyebrow barbells they had there were too fat-looking... i don't want something that big through my face. If they had thinner ones I might have done it.

Friday night I got plastered. It wasn't a good experience. I managed to escape puking or somesuch grossness, but I couldn't see straight for awhile. So now, I've made rules for myself. No more beer and/or other malt beverages. No more than two shots in a two-hour period. Get buzzed, have fun, stay sane. (:
Fortunately I didn't blog while I was drunk on friday, or else i would have made a bigger ass of myself than last time...


one big beautiful orgy

so tonight was... ta-da! FULL MOON ON THE QUAD! For all you non-stanford-types, this is Stanford's ritual orgy. The tradition is that frosh have to kiss seniors in order to become "official stanford students..." yeah,. right. The whole damn thing was invented so the senior guys could get some play from freshmen girls. But basically, it's all these people wandering around looking for some play. I don't remember how many guys I made out with... a whole damn lot. But I had a freaking blast. (:

I had a "no one i know" rule, which means that I didnt' make out with anyone I'll recognize in the morning, which is a good policy. I also had a bodyguard (good old joe, i use him too much) so I didn't get raped... (: But I saw tons of people I know, like Skye from my pro-fro weekend, who had on a 2005 shirt. I just laughed, because I know he's class of 04. Hehehe. So many sketchy freaking guys there... it was beautiful.

I don't know how many of what class I ended up kissing... but I believe the total nears 20. I know at least one was a junior and one was a frosh, but what the hell. he didn't live in branner. (: dormcest is bad.

So I had one corona, a jim and coke which i made myself, probably about one shot, a shot of vodka, and a second jim and coke, which joe made, which was a bit stronger than the other. I felt sufficiently drunk at the beginnning and then started to sober up... I need some vitamin b12, or i'm going to be so fucking hung over in the morning... it's not even funny. and i have a 10 AM japanese class... dammit! (:

Anyway, this drunken blog is sufficiently less entertaining than its predecessor, so I will end it here. I hope everyone had the time of their fucking lives at full moon... I know I did. Well, maybe not the time of my life, but damn close. Or maybe not close, but still a damn good time. (: Peace out, and may you have no hangover.


blog more, dammit

why don't you? if you require your daily dose of entertainment perhaps you should learn to blog for yourself, dammit. i dont' see you out there sweating your ass off trying to come up with material that will entertain the masses! i don't see you slaving over the keyboard to make the deadline for your blog... so maybe you should just get over yourself and stop your bitching. yes, i mean you.


and goddammit, how do i know what you're thinking if you dont' even leave any fucking comments??