man, art is going to be scary. what's more, i have an idea for my first project, but it banks on me being able to go to the beach. i would have gone this weekend but i got sick yesterday :( so hopefully i can go on wednesday. which doesn't leave me much time to finish the project... hm. i guess i'll have to postpone that project until next week, and finish a different one for thursday. this art class is so insane - we have a list of 20 projects, of which we have to finish 15 before the quarter is done. which means we're basically turning in one every class. yikes. i should like, start 3 or 4 of them this week, have one done thursday, one tuesday, etc. argh, i'm gonna have to get to the art store, like, today. which sucks because i have a class from 2:15 to 3:05, and before that i have to eat lunch and watch my 106a lecture, and then at 6:30 i have a pres scholars gig to go to, which says it's a "dessert reception" which means fuck, i'll have to eat dinner before then. oh, and i'm expected to look nice for it too. yeesh. though a trip to university art shouldn't take more than an hour, so if i can convince tim to take me right after my japanese class i should be good to go. man.

i'm so glad i'm not taking more classes - i'd be swamped.


i drain the color from the sky and turn blue without you

first day of classes, dude. i think it'll be livable. japanese was slightly frightening, since the teacher talked really fast, but i think i'll readapt to the language. cs106a will be... easy. and i haven't had art yet. i shopped 106x but it sounds to me like it's going to be way too intense. i think that wiht those 13 units, i'll be plenty busy, but have enough free time to join the wind ensemble, be rcc (which i'm still crossing my fingers on) and do my PAAly duties.

and i'm on AIM boycott. email me or call me (you know the digits, or you should) - it's so much more fulfilling.

life is good.


dude, i'm here. i'm in roth, and it's home. after house meeting tonight i'm suddenly way more excited about living in roth. it turns out that the RCC position is open - they have an rcc in every row house (that's resident computer coordinator, for you non-stanford acronym-challenged types - the one to go to if you're having computer problems) but for some reason roth didn't get one. man.... i would LOVE that job. $600 a quarter. for doing... nothing. (: man.

it's so wonderful to finally be back.



...and i'll see you on the other side. my flight takes off in 8 hours almost exactly. 14 until i'm there. this summer has finally come to a close...


i just decided to change the banner back to the bubbles. man, i loved those bubbles.

well. friday is just about over... only 2 more days, and 3 nights. that's a really weird thing to think about.

again. apologies for not blogging more often. i hope my blog isn't dying... i think i'll have more to blog about when i get back. i mean, life will continue. today i painted my sister's vanity area and packed some stuff.

i dug out the clarinet and played. that was kinda cool actually. i can still play a lot of stuff that i haven't played since graduation... that was a cool feeling. i definitely want to try out for the wind ensemble... i miss music.



i wish i could just stay in bed tomorrow.


hm, haven't blogged in awhile. not sure why, maybe just 'cause nothing has happened here. started packing. wee. texas still sucks. 9 more days though. i can make it...


Fields of fire that passed the train
The sky is victorious but here comes the rain
Friday is taking me home again,
And I've nothing but you on my mind.

Grass is greener without the pain,
I think that I'm changing but I'm just the same
My sun is a ascending again
And I've nothing but you on my mind

Sometimes I feel like I'm glad to be free,
Sometimes I still want your arms around me
Sometimes I'm glad to have left you behind,
The Crazy English Summer has put you back on my mind.

Life's a riot a lover a friend,
Pity the day that it has to end
Friday come speed me home again,
I've nothing but you on my Mind.

Sometimes I feel like i'm fine on my own,
Fifty Thousand miles from home.
Sometimes I'm weak and the past is my guide,
Summer returns and puts you back on my mind

-faithless, "crazy english summer"

new to my music library in the past day or two: groove armada. hooverphonic. everything but the girl. massive attack. faithless. ambient alternative slash trip hop slash chillout slash downtempo kicks ass. highlights: faithless, crazy english summer and don't leave, massive attack, angel. very, very good stuff.