Has that kid called? No. Did he call last night? No. Does he want to see me before he goes back to school or not, goddammit? Bastard.
It's really stupid the way I hang on that guy. I try not to, I honestly do, but hanging out with him is one of the most fun things i can do. He always finds a way to make even the most boring things fun. And, as strong of a person as I am, I'm a complete sucker for him. I mean, shit, I spent the entirety of last night sitting at home by the phone, hoping he'd call... Never did, but I sat there nonetheless. It's pathetic, because he calls both my cell and my home line, so I was toting my little pink cellphone around from place to place, and if i was in a room without a phone, I'd take my cordless handset too.. G*d, i'm pathetic.
Today, the parents packed up and went to College Station to visit my brother, leaving me home with my sister (who is, at the moment, taping pencils and other random things to bookends. What an oddball). I've slept four times since they left... I keep falling asleep. I have no idea why. it's the weirdest feeling, too... all my dreams are about waking up. So i'll think i'm already awake, when really i'm zonked out on the couch.
I just spaced out. I'm totally losing it. My eyes hurt, and i'm tired. GAAAH wake up Kat.
matchbox twenty: 8 days
stanford: 19 days

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