frida says:

stop studying and LOVE ME, mommy!

i cannot believe i am up at almost 5:00. what. the. fuck. i thought i had outgrown this shit long ago.


i am jack's shit-eating grin.

how have i survived 23 years without ever tasting the crunchy deliciousness that is skippy crunchy peanut butter? ok, i'm definitely feeling the guilt over the partially hydrogenatedness, but mmmm! yum!

i came to the realization yesterday that almost all of my protein comes from soybeans and nuts. actually probably all of my protein for the last few days. i haven't had chicken in weeks, fish in about a week, and beef in i don't even know how long. instead i'm eating tofu, edamame, cashews, peanuts, and the like. weird. i seem to have unknowingly become a vegetarian, but while i'm at it, why the fuck not? it's cheaper, plus i get to be all morally high and mighty and stuff. though i'm not going to stop eating fish or other seafood, because really, i can't convince myself that wild-caught salmon shouldn't be eaten every once in a while. (aside from ecological/over-fishing concerns that is.) on the other hand, it's easy to argue that imprisoning cows in a factory and slurping their juices out with mechanical suckers is cruel and shouldn't be condoned.

i wonder what the limiting amino acid in soy protein is.


don't let your homies join the army

i've been thinking a lot these past few days about our duties as citizens, and just how fucked up our current political situation is. we've got a president here who doesn't believe in the ideas of checks and balances, and is stepping over laws left and right, keeping us thinking we're fighting some real enemy that's a threat to us, feeding us bread and circuses, while he and his cronies send our friends and families off to die for some ridiculous lack of a cause. it is seriously vietnam all over again. the only difference is, this isn't 1970, it's 2006, and it's been more than 60 years since we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, so not that many people are still alive that remember what a truly horrific thing nuclear weapons truly are, and we're not screaming "NO!" loud enough. i am fucking dead serious here when i say that we, the left, the youth, the future of this country need to have a plan for if it looks like bush is going to drop the bomb on Iran. because we will not stand for that. nuclear weapons are an abomination on this planet, and if we can't vote this bastard out of office (it'll be interesting to see what happens next election... how many counties will have touch-screen voting machines with no paper trail?) we have to shut down his administration. with riots and rocks and serious civil disobediance.

if we don't bring the troops home now, what's going to happen in the next 3 years?



wednesday, may 10, 2006. probably one of the most stressful days of my life thus far. two midterms. not one, but two. and my grandpa had fucking open heart surgery. needless to say i didn't sleep much last night, which probably has something to do with my complete lack of energy today. but, i made it through the 2 midterms (though i spontaneously started crying during the first one, when i got to a question that i didn't have a goddamn clue about), and grandpa made it through the surgery too. phew. doesn't mean it's all better though, since i'm pretty sure i fucked up the invertebrate zoology midterm, which means i'm going to have to dedicate myself more fully to the final project, whee. i hope i did okay on o-chem though. sigh. we'll see. sigh.



when it all goes pear-shaped

happy hour gone wrong. (ok, so i'm just posing, and it was a fabulous happy hour. how could it not be, with christopher working?)


ileocecal sphincter

today in physiology we talked about corn as a "marker" to discover just how long it takes for things to traverse your digestive tract. and i learned that no matter how old i get, i'm still not mature enough to not giggle when the teacher starts talking about rectums and sphincters. especially sphincters, in fact. the word is inherently hilarious. asphinctersayswhat? SPHINCTER! did you know that we actually have two anal sphincters? one is smooth muscle and is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. the other is skeletal muscle, and is, thank god, controlled voluntarily.

let me be (surely not) the first to say it: this class is a load of crap.


just in case you were wondering...

everything you ever wanted to know about... humans!

all i need is time

this was about 8:15 this morning, on my walk to class. almost enough to make it worth being out of bed.