i've been pretty pensive recently. mostly because of hurricane katrina, i think. it's weird. i lived outside of NO in '92 - which if you know your hurricane history was the year andrew struck - and i remember it being a pretty wild ride, though it was only a TS when it hit louisiana, not the cat5 hurricane it had been thru florida. but still, having lived there for 2 and almost a half years during my childhood i know the lay of the land, i have many memories of that city and its amazing waterfront aquarium and the french quarter and the superdome and my dad's office off poydras. and now that is all under 15 feet of water and it just seems surreal.

the thing that makes me so mad is the revelation that the feds have red-lighted several projects to improve levees and shifted their focus away from hurricane preparedness. it's all a part of the integration of FEMA into the department of homeland security. and the shifting of all "available" funds to the iraq war. it's absolute, utter bullshit.


not a lot to write about recently, so i haven't. it's been a boring week. i had a fucking cold this week, it was lame. and i'm still hacking up wads of phlegm. earlier today a phlegmwad shot out of my mouth and landed on the couch. i'm sure you wanted to know that.

meh. still no update from school, except i got my transfer credits evaluated (but not for ger's) and i'm officially a resident it seems. not that there was much question about it, i live here.






dept. of stupidity

man, i really hate bureaucratic crap. since i didn't get admitted the first time around, i was delayed by a month in signing up for my stupid summer orientation and registration day, and the next available one for my major is on september 7. that's 3 weeks before classes start. so basically, i can't count on getting the classes i want or need, since they're all already full. if i could register now, i could lurk on the registration page, waiting for someone to drop (or get dropped). but now, even if spots in either of the crucial classes i need open up, i still can't register. this really, really makes me mad. i'm probably going to end up taking a whole lot of bullshit fall quarter if i don't have incredible luck.

i just talked to my boss, too. they are really upset that i'm leaving, but they won't let me stay on in the same position part-time. which sucks. they offered me a part-time mailroom position, but to that i say FUCK NO. been there, done that, won't go near that again. hopefully the office of financial aid will come through saying i'm eligible for work-study soon, so i can pursue one of a few work-study jobs that look cool (most of them involve washing glassware and preparing specimens; one of them involves caring for zebrafish. i'm hoping to get that one). unfortunately, work-study jobs are generally 10-15 hours a week and pay about $10 an hour. which means i'd be bringing home somewhere in the neighborhood of $400-500 a month. which is entirely unacceptable unless i get additional financial aid offsetting my housing costs. bleh. so much rides on the anonymous decisions of faceless bureaucraps right now.



kitty and kat watch fish.


the ballard beach at sunset on a friday is a happening place.

soybeans and boobies

the great thing about saturdays is that i don't have to get dressed until i want to. i just rolled out of bed (remarkably hungover; i didn't think i had THAT much to drink last night! oh well, it was all free (thanks ross/jason!) so i suppose it's all good) and am now eating tofutti for breakfast, wearing nothing but underwear. i love being a grown-up sometimes.

oh, and for the record: tofutti is a perfectly acceptable ice cream substitute. the texture's a little different - smoother, harder - but it's so creamy and yummy and delicious, and it doesn't give me lactose issues. hooray.

incidentally, i've been boosting my soy/tofu intake, because soy products contain phytoestrogens and are supposed to make your boobs bigger. i'm only on day 5 or 6 of this experiment and i can definitely see results. i should market my diet.


that's right, motherfuckers

if anyone was wondering how to get into the university of washington, here's my advice: when you petition your rejection, tell the admissions people that they are killing small children by not admitting you to the u. it works, really. though i suppose it's less of a stretch for someone who wants to study developmental biology and genetics than it would be for, say, an english major... but details.

suddenly i'm actually proud of myself for getting into college. this was never supposed to be hard. gah.


i will post this on craigslist so god help me

kitten for sale. $5.

ok, not much of a kitten, he's about a year old, black, real purty kitty. not too bright, but he loves to play. went fucking psycho tonight and catapulted (ha ha) himself around the house, peeing on the furniture. yes peeing. maybe spraying. whatever it was it was yellow and smelled of cat. i thought at first that it might be an earthquake - shit was rattling, then it turned into thumps, and crashes, and scrapes, and mrrrrroooowwws, until he must have pissed himself dry. he's been real docile ever since, all cuddly, out of breath... but i'm not fooled. my cat has never been more afraid to approach the litterbox, or the couch, or the bedroom. he has her petrified. poor baby.

so if anyone wants a kitty, let us know. you must be a good home, and have plenty of room for him to romp around. another young male cat would be ideal, but no females.