it's, um, pink. rock.

forget about me?

yeah, so i um, spent a whole bunch of money i don't have yet on a sexy, sexy new 12" powerbook. i was going to buy an ibook, but little things like twice the hard drive capacity, built-in wifi, and the hot titanium case just overpowered my financial sensibilities. fortunately, the apple store was out of ipod minis, so i didn't drop $1800 on the whole shebang, and now i can try to convince myself to pay off the computer before i buy the ipod. yeah.

work blows, but it pays. i'm looking for a better job, since the one i have is so fucking shitty. i applied at a vet's office for front desk, and today i submitted my resume to be a "mac genius" at the apple store where i just spent all that cash. i'm not really a mac genius, but i think i could become one - i *did* have that year and a half stint as an RCC at stanford, and apple knows stanford, so i think they'd be impressed.... and how fucking cool would that job be, working at the genius bar at the store down the street...

i vaguely remember opening blogger with some purpose in mind, other than to put down all this meaningless drivel. i had something to say, and now it's escaped me. so i guess i'll just say that mac os 10.3 kicks absolute ass, and that my new computer is sexier than you, your girlfriend, and your best friend's mom put together. and i'm going to see harry potter tomorrow. i can't wait.