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So it's only 11 AM and I'm already starving, despite the fact that I had a huge breakfast. Which means I'm now faced with the dilemma: eat now, and starve later, or starve now, and eat later?
This job makes me feel like such an intellectual... I could easily be replaced by a visual basic macro. But, since I value my programming skills too much to taint them with knowledge of visual basic, here I sit, copy, find, copy, paste.... over and over and over.
Anyway, I didn't win the backstage passes to the matchbox twenty concert, so I'm kinda bummed... but then again, I'm totally thrilled to just be going. Problem is that it looks like it's going to be rainy... and we have lawn seats... perhaps we should bring an umbrella and a tarp to sit on.
Will's still playing the fence-sitter on whether or not he can go. Geez, I even bought him a ticket! Hopefully he'll figure it out soon, so that Jane can buy herself a ticket if it turns out that he cannot go, or that she can take his if he can't. I hope he does go though... the more the merrier.
Problem solved: Eat now. (:
So I'm agonizing over Free Cell Game #5912. I'm a freecell addict, but I still suck at it. I do win, though, occasionally, which makes me happy.
matchbox twenty: 3 days (Hell yes!!!)
until i get out of this job: 8 days, 6 workdays
stanford: 15 days

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