i leave in the morning... what the hell am i doing? going to college? aaaah. i sure don't feel like i'm old enough to do that... write papers... take exams... read a whole hell of a lot for class... do calculus... get drunk... whine about IHum... meet guys...
it's finally happening to me. it's wednesday evening. in 12 hours I will be aboard an airplane bound for San Francisco. Day after tomorrow I'm going to be at orientation... unpacking my shit... meeting roommates... playing stupid name games.
and on wednesday i start classes. homework. i don't remember what homework feels like, because i haven't done it for so long.
and i'm either going to die and go to heaven or die and go to hell. i hope that it's the first. the land of beer and boys. and i set out for that new journey, new chapter in my life, tomorrow morning. and i can't wait for it to get here and i wish i had another month. and i can't believe it's finally coming. i'm finally going. Stanford University, prepare yourselves, because I'm about to come kick some major ass on campus.
(either that or be a clueless frosh lemming for the first three weeks. god, i hope not.)

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