serrated sporks

is what we'll be using from now on on airplanes, if we get utensils at all. Now, let me say that I am in no way advocating or planning a hijack, but couldn't a spork be used? or a fork? Hell, a broken spoon? Where do we draw the line? "All airline meals will now be finger food." "Shoes with laces will no longer be allowed on airplanes." It could go really far... "All persons with any martial arts training must be straightjacketed prior to boarding the aircraft." I wonder where it will stop... where it needs to stop.

I remember a couple of years ago a teacher of mine told a story about how she forgot to take her (unloaded) handgun out of her carryon before boarding an aircraft. Not one security person batted an eye.

In other news, my lip has all feeling back. Not that you cared or anything, but still.

six degrees of kevin bacon

food for thought: How many people do you know? A lot. Say a person knows an average of 200 people (just a guess, but close enough for estimation purposes). Let's also say that 75,000 people were directly affected by Tuesday's events at the World Trade Center and Pentagon. That number is probably low, but again, it's close enough. If each of those 75,000 people knows or knew 200 people, then that is 15,000,000 people related by one step. Now, if each of these 15 million know 200 people each, we suddenly have 3 billion people involved by two steps. Another step would take care of every single person in the world a hundred times over, which would eliminate any overlaps. So, chances are almost everyone in the world knows someone who knows someone who knows someone involved in the disaster. We are all connected. And certainly within the United States it is probably under two steps from you to someone who was directly affected by the disaster. Pretty crazy, huh?

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