Alright, so I know what you're thinking. "Kat, pants don't have handedness." But oh, they do, they do. If you're wearing pants with a zippered fly (or a button fly) reach down and grab your... fly. No, no, just the fly... examine the zipper, and the flap of fabric covering it.
It's anchored on the left and opens to the right, doesn't it? Now, imagine if it were the other way around. Even the buttons reversed. Now think about trying to go to the bathroom with your pants like that. Now you know what I've gone through today. I know, it's a tragedy, but if I change my pants when I get home I just might make it through this.
My ears hurt, because I've had headphones on all day. You know that feeling where your headphones (the cheap kind, not nice bose ones or anything) press your ears against your head for extended periods of time? yeah, it hurts. :P
And I only have another hour of cubicle-ness, and tomorrow's casual friday! (: And sunday's the matchbox twenty concert, hell fuckin yeah!!!

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