the activities fair was this afternoon in white plaza. good shit. i signed myself up for tons of mailing lists, which'll be exciting. pro-choice, pro-peace... i was a fucking hippie this afternoon. it was great. i also had class today, japanese and calculus. both were pretty fun. well, calculus was boring and i fell asleep, but japanese was fun. i have to work on my hiragana this weekend... and do calc homework... and read shit for ihum. and party my ass off. there's a party at theta delta chi tonight, and one at toyon, but that's mostly gonna be sophomores, and then i'm sure there'll be something going on here at branner, because we're branner. so i'm gonna be party hopping.
Just put some smirnoff ice in an ice tray in the freezer... see if it makes smirnoff ice cubes. how bad ass would that be? Too bad you can't freeze straight vodka and put itin drinks... that'd be awesome. (:
But yes... study, then drink. Study, then drink. But why is this Ice open on my desk??

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