today has been one of the best days i've had in awhile. which isn't to say that the last few days haven't been great, because they have. i don't know what's going on, but i've been riding a high for the last 2 or 3 weeks. a lot of it is probably spring. tomorrow is finally april, which means we've hopefully said goodbye to low 40's and rainy. it's been a dreary winter.

but the last few weeks, i've just been feeling better and better about my life, and the way things have gone recently. i'm enjoying the freedom that i have now. i need a stick to (selectively) fend off the boys. academically, things haven't been this good since high school. and i'm doing original research. today i figured out something that no one has ever known before.

let me repeat that. today i figured out something that no one has ever known before. how fucking sweet is that? it was all me. brock helped, but it was my pcr, my gel, my dilutions, my dna pools, my pipetting, my labeling, my eye that spotted the missing band in the mutant fish.

i think i'm going to name it pinball wizard.


the answer to life, the universe, and everything... turns out to be the number 42.

portrait of a lady

poster of a girl


i am SO in love with marriedtothesea.


for some unknown and ungodly reason, i've been up for an hour. what? when do i wake up, ready to go, at 5:30 AM?

i've been reading metafilter and dailykos, which i don't read very often, but they do seem to be a trend indicator of the "netroots". which is where our next political movement needs to come from. they seem to be big supporters of feingold, which i think i can get behind.

the crucial moment though, will be midterm elections in november.




9 hours
1 pitcher of beer
2 coffees
1 art gallery

one game of scrabble in gasworks park
1 6-pack of beer

several good pictures
one good sunday



is the tide turning?

insert polemic here. aaaargh. i seriously hope this trend continues.


because my water tastes better than the water in the dish over there.

end of quarter what?

finals week is always so disorienting. no classes, but it's not really spring break. i ought to be studying. so i just replaced the battery on my ipod. after having had the replacement battery for almost a month and trying repeatedly and unsuccessfully to dissect the damn thing, i finally figured it out. you just gotta jam a tiny screwdriver or three in between the metal and plastic casing, prying the metal outward and off. connecting the battery took a little fumbling, but i managed to cram the new, slightly larger battery with its slightly longer cable into the case no problem. i was particularly impressed with the hard drive, though - it's like the size of a credit card! but anyway, that's done, and now my ipod is charging, and it will play for 18 hours. and life will be good.

i think i have a plan for my little sunroom. i'm going to build a false floor with some plywood and cinder blocks (or something like that) and put in a bamboo mat. ideally i want a tatami-like thing, but i looked at those online and they are hella expensive. i'm thinking bamboo beach mats or something. that way my kitty won't be able to escape from that room, and i can leave the inside door open when it's hot and sunny. i need to do something about the mold, though. damn mold, ruining everything.


"...we tend to easily blame others for our suffering, and we can justify it because maybe other people are mistreating us or exploiting us or don’t understand us or are doing dreadful things to us. We’re not denying that, but we make nothing of it any more. We forgive, we let go of those memories, because taking refuge in Sangha means, here and now, doing good and refraining from doing evil with bodily action and speech."

from. Long, but worth a read.


it seems like things are mellowing out, which is nice. classes are winding down. all i have to do for 355 is finish up our project and present it. and that is well under way. after that, it's just 2 finals - chem and bio 220. both of which i intend to ace. or at least come close.

we get to use a note card in chem. i mean, come on. i've had trouble with this feature in the past, since i tend to scribble out my notecard the day of or night before and never know what to put on it, but this time i'll plan it out and get it just right and be able to totally pwn that test.

and on bio i will actually READ the questions and the answers carefully. i hate it when i make stupid mistakes. someone got a perfect score on the last bio exam and i hate them, i will hunt them down and make them give me their grade. or something.

hopefully my gpa won't take too much of a hit.

this weekend: moving! whee!