yup, i think it's time to resurrect this blog.

it's funny... it contains a lot of my past, past with which i may have wanted to disconnect with for some reason or another, but... can we really part with our own pasts?

our lives are the sums of our decisions, and you can't un-make decisions. this blog contains a lot of my decisions... so it is a big part of my life. i feel the need to reclaim it.

especially after googling "kat reinhart" and realizing that there are other bitches out there with my name making worse decisions than me. lol.


it won't truly be "uncensored"... like i thought it would... back when the internet was a secret place that no one knew about...

but on the other hand, i think that it's better than just hiding all of my thoughts in paper journals that no one else gets to read. if you have the time to go through my archives, feel free... it's all shit that i wrote. the real kat reinhart, please stand up...

moar to follow. hello world, i'm glad to be back.