Next stop: Guestbook. (: I've signed meself up for a guestbook account which i'm going to stick a link to on my site... I really hope people will sign! Right now I've been going through the GoStats counter stuff but that doesn't give me enough info to figure out *who* has visited my site, so I'm gonna put up a guestbook. It'll be good.
Right now I'm avoiding work. I've got a 28000 line excel spreadsheet that needs to be "processed" (meaning find, copy, paste, find) which totally blows goats, so I'm going to avoid it. Sounds like a plan to me. (: I'll do it tomorrow, it's just that it's 3 PM and my peak productivity hours are over, and I know I can go home in 2.5 hours. I pretend to work, they pretend to pay me. It's a tradeoff. (:
8, or maybe 7, days of work left, depending on whether or not I skip Monday. (: I really want to. But I dunno if I should. I'll figure it all out later... :P Stupid work. I hate it.

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