Today may be Tuesday, but it sure feels like a Monday. That's always a letdown. 'Cause I know deep down how today's Tuesday but I still got to sleep in yesterday and not go to work, so I'm convinced this is Monday. I know there are only three more days until the weekend after today, but I also know that I just spent 3 days lolling around without doing anything important, and I got to liking that feeling. So now I'm back at work, and of course the break room broke (haha) (no, seriously, there was a problem in there and I couldn't get my coffee this mornign so I still feel like falling asleep.) and it could be a Tuesday, it should be a Tuesday, but no, it feels like a Monday. Stupid stuff. I can't imagine going to work without a possible end in sight. The entire time I've been working here I've been looking forward to Friday, September 14, the day that I end. but... man. If I didn't have that to look forward to I'd go nucking futs. Not that I'm not there already.
mood: ( *_* ) tired and jaded
tunes: matchbox twenty - mad season
matchbox twenty: 6 days
stanford: 17 days
until i get out of this job: 10 days

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