Hooray! The caffeine has returned to the third floor. Well, there is another breakroom on this floor, but it's down in the treasury department, and man, those chicks in Treasury are a bit... odd. That's the good part about working in IT, most of the employees here are under 35. It's better than having to wear a suit and tie, believe you me. (:
Hmm. It seems I've been doing something wrong with the project I've taken over for the intern who left. I'm really clueless. And my supervisor, well, I suppose he's practice for all my ESL profs this year. I want to say he's from South Africa judging by the accent... it's pretty thick. A bit difficult to understand. So I just pretend to do what he's asking... even though I have no clue. It's great. (:
::matchboxtwenty:: 2 days
::work:: 7 days, 5 work days
::stanford:: 14 days

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