packing, packing, packing, all I do is pack.

this whole leaving for college thing just doesn't feel quite real right now. i'm throwing all my shit into bags and boxes, but still it hasn't sunk in yet. i mean, i'm about to head halfway across the country to a state i've visited exactly four times, to a campus that is among the most beautiful in the collegiate world, not to mention the fact that people raise their eyebrows when i say the name of my school of choice. dude. trust me, people at stanford may be smart, but i sure as hell feel stupid by comparison. all these people have written novels, done original research, become dot-com ceo's, cured cancer, saved the whales, and fed children in tibet. by comparison it feels sometimes that i've been sitting on my thumb.
i wonder, if i had realized what the month before i left for college would be like, if i would have reconsidered applying there. ::thinks:: nah.
it'll be worth the wait, i'm sure... it had better be.

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