It's all beginning to sink in... the gravity of what has happened today, the thousands upon thousands (and I fear I understate) of lives lost... the ramifications... the magnitude... I don't feel that there are any words that suffice in a time like this. I have just heard that there is an estimate of "between 100 and 800 bodies in the pentagon". And that's in the pentagon alone... add that to the 300 rescue workers killed and we're nearing or passing 1000 people, not even counting the people lost in the WTC attack and collapse.

I heard about it about five minutes after I posted the message about my coffee pants. The guy in the cubicle next to me said that a plane had hit the world trade center... I chalked it up to accident. I tried to hop over to cnn.com but it was busy... then I heard that there was a second... not an accident. Then the pentagon... holy shit. I don't know what our children will think of this.

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