yes, the rumors are true... the bay area just had an earthquake. hells yeah. it was really cool. lasted about 10 seconds, side-to-side motion. 5.2 at the epicenter which is about 30 miles from here, probably closer to 3.6 here. big enough to be fun, small enough that some people didn't even feel it. but i think it was awesome.

some sample transcripts:
Aladariel (10:00:52 PM): holky shir (ed. note: i meant to type "holy shit" but the keyboard was moving.)
eric (10:01:08 PM): ?
Aladariel (10:01:16 PM): EARTHQUAKE!!!
eric (10:01:17 PM): did you just feel that too?
eric (10:01:19 PM): shit
eric (10:01:22 PM): damn dude

jamie (10:00:55 PM): earthquake!
jamie (10:00:58 PM): ?
Aladariel (10:01:18 PM): AAAAAH
jamie (10:01:47 PM): wow
jamie (10:01:51 PM): that was kind of cool
Aladariel (10:02:11 PM): ude
Aladariel (10:02:14 PM): dude
jamie (10:02:15 PM): heh
Aladariel (10:02:15 PM): that was so cool
jamie (10:02:23 PM): yeahh
jamie (10:02:33 PM): when do we get aftershocks?

Aladariel (10:04:33 PM): fuck!!!
Aladariel (10:04:35 PM): that was so cool

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