ahh, got the ihum paper all taken care of and turned in. sure feels really good to have that done. now, all i have left to do this week is a japanese vocab quiz (my last one as a first-year japanese student! yay! and easy! and short! weee!) and some ihum reading. i think i'm just going to fake my way through discussion on friday, and not read joyce's The Dead... throw in some bullshit from lecture. what more could you need? next we get to read one flew over the cuckoo's nest which should be entertaining. i'm looking forward to that one. i'm also leading a discussion on it.. hopefully it won't be too painful. maybe i can find some movie clips or something... it'll be good.

this weekend looks like it'll end up being a good deal of fun. partying with eric and the yost crew on saturday, most likely. gonna find some time to chill with allen, too. barbecue on sunday should be entertaining. not too much work to deal with, either, and it's a long weekend! yay memorial day! unfortunately i do have that pesky little 10 page draft due on wednesday in pwr... hopefully i'll survive writing that. i figure if i write 2 or 3 pages on each day, saturday, sunday and monday, and then finish it up on tuesday night, i'll be fine. 10 pages really isn't all that much. i can do it.

i made it past the interview for TPR which means i've been invited to train. training is 3 weekends in june (though they aren't telling us which weekends yet! ack!). i'm praying for the first 3 weekends - though it'll eat out of my finals studying time, i think i can handle it. finals week is usually really low-key anyway. and that'll leave the last 2 weekends in June for maybe even going home, and the family reunion in oregon. i hope i can make it home for a couple days, to see friends and stuff... but eh, if i can't, i suppose it's not the end of the world.

i want to go to the beach this weekend.

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