hopefully today will be a better day for me than yesterday. i did, however, most definitely succeed in my goal of doing something that i've never done before. i drove phil's car to home depot, and halfway home i got freaked out because the muffler stopped working (it wasn't my fault though, and as far as i can tell he fixed it and it's fine now). later, though, i cut my finger on an exacto knife. it hurt like a bitch motherfucker. then the surface wound, where i broke the skin, closed up. unfortunately i also managed to nick a relatively major (well, for a finger) blood vessel, which did *not* close up when the skin did. that's frightening, watching your finger swell up all purple-like. so i went to urvi and she drove me to cowell. the people at cowell are so nice and helpful. two nurses looked at my finger and went "huh." they turned it over and went "weird." then they gave me a band-aid (with neosporin, no less) and told me to ice it and elevate it. riiiiight. fortunately it was my left index finger, not my right one... but still, a bitch. it also makes typing difficult.

i also watched good will hunting last night with allen. entertaining movie. good fun. never done that before either.

"do you like apples? yeah? well, i got her number. how do you like *them* apples?" - good will hunting

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