blah, so dp2 is due today. i definitely pulled an all-nighter last night... but it paid off, 'cause i'm sure i aced the kanji quiz in japanese this morning, and i really don't care that i slept through ihum lecture (ok, so only 30 minutes of it... and i doubt the prof even noticed). hopefully we can get our project off without a hitch, i'm kind of frightened though. it just doesn't have the showmanship that a lot of them will have... though i'm sure it'll work... and my logbook, quite frankly, sucks ass. but it's really too late to go back and fix it, since it's a development process. a lot of my logbook pages are good though, so hopefully that'll count for something.

i have the interview tonight, as well as an ihum paper to write for thursday and a short little draft and a presentation for pwr on wednesday... and i need to sleep quite a bit tonight. i'm really exhausted at this point... the nap in ihum helped, but not by a whole lot. i still have 2 red bulls, but i had a coffee after lunch, so i'll have to wait a bit before i drink a red bull. unfortunately caffeine isn't helping me any... it's just making me jittery and exhausted. my mood has crashed too... it's funny how that happens. hopefully dp2 will go off without a hitch and i can stop stressing about that... ok, time to put more bullshit in the logbook. hopefully i can pull my logbook grade up to a b or b+ (yeah, right) and maybe a b+ overall for the project. that would be nice. very nice.

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