it's funny how you can completely miss something for months and then discover just how delicious it is.

yesterday this happened to me several times. i suppose it goes along with my philosophy of doing something every day that you have never done before. yesterday this thing was going vegan. i'm going to be vegan for a week and see how i like it. anyway, the thing that i've completely missed for months is the indian food at wilbur. it doesn't look all that appetizing - in fact, i've stared at it before and thought, "ewwww." but since it was the most appetizing vegan meal there yesterday, i decided to give it a shot. i had a vegan roti wrap - which turned out to be pretty good, with a nice touch of spiciness, but not overpowering. it was probably the best thing i've ever eaten at wilbur. quite, quite delicious.

the same goes for the spinach roti i bought there. it came with 5 loaves (they look kind of like green pita, but it's slightly different in texture.) and now i'm down to 2... so yummy. a wonderful snack. i think i like indian food now, which is cool.

i've also pulled out the old dogstar to have a listen. dogstar - ahh, keanu reeves... a horribly good band. they're just cheesy alt-pop-rock. it makes me happy though, which is what i need.

Today, the thing i will do that i have never done before will be call dave. I'm going to call him at 9:05. hopefully we can find some time to hang out this week... that would be awesome.

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