bleh, i'm full. i hate that feeling. it's beyond happy-full, but fortunately not yet to sick-full. suppose i'll have to digest for a few hours before i go to the gym. i really hope i can whip myself back into the habit of going to the gym regularly again, after i've neglected it for so long. i think that will be helped by the fact that last night i hit a revelation - i moved the weight up to 75 pounds on that shoulder machine thingie. i can only do about 15 reps (a set and a half) instead of the 30 i usually do, but it feels good... and i'm not even sore today. i need to work on that. i haven't been seriously sore in so long, it makes me wonder if i'm still pushing my muscles as much as i should.

for jamie: my mom sent a page from her "word origins" calendar from april 22. The word is "camellia", and the origin is thus:
"Native to Asia, this showy flower was first introduced to the west in 1706 by Georg Josef Kamel, a Jesuit missionary from Moravia serving in this part of the world, and the plant was named in his honor." so there you go... camellias are named for you. (:

ugh... time for work... paa app (i love that there are 3 p's and 3 a's in that little abbreviation cluster), pwr research, me101 brainstorming... ihum othello... and, i'd like to get my ass to the gym again...

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