star wars opens on thursday... and i have a ticket! that's right, thanks to fandango.com, i have my very own, printed-at-home ticket to star wars episode ii: attack of the clones. stay tuned for movie reviews (without spoilers, i promise), and, more importantly, whether it would be more aptly titled "attack of the crazed manic fans who absolutely detest jar-jar binks". we'll have to see.

tonight, however, holds lots of work on me101, some skateboarding at the parking structure, a little japanese studying, and perhaps a little work in the new-crush department. yeah, i've moved on, to bigger and better (or at least closer) things. more to follow, perhaps.

for the record, there is an amazing planetary conjunction right now in the west. crescent moon and 4 planets. go see it if you can. it won't be around for another 38 years.

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