blargh, i'm tired. i have no idea why, either, because i got up barely 14 hours ago... ah well. i've been in a weird mood all day, too... perhaps i'm just stressed about the way i completely fucked up my assassins target...gaaargh. of course i've played out 16 scenarios in my mind of how i could have done it better, and without fail. yeah, so i suck at assassins... the cia will never hire me. that's a shame.

i'm growing to like the idea of living in slavianskii dom. slav dom. it just sounds like fun. say it. "slav dom." the state or condition of being slavic. dom, dom, dom. slav dom. hehehe.

oh, and i came across a copy of don hertzfeld's "Ah, L'amour"... if you haven't seen it, IM me and i'll send it. It's not *nearly* as hilarious as Rejected, but it's got some good Hertzfeld humor in it... i.e. poorly-animated, poorly-drawn dudes getting the bloody crap beaten out of them. a bloody good time for everyone. and by that i mean "a bloody good 2 minutes and 15 seconds for everyone." yay animated shorts...

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