the weekend update:

friday night. the party: david wakukawa's S H U S E K I party. yost 304, 10:00 until they bust out the Robitussin.
the people: a random assortment of david's friends: from donner last year, sig ep, random people... probably about 60 people throughout the evening, but hardly more than 20 at a time. the perfect kind of party.
cool things: david and lots of his friends speak japanese. this is a lot of fun. in fact, about 50% of the time i talk to david, it's in japanese. i really enjoy that.
the plot thickens: at some point in the evening i found myself talking to this one guy, dave, who i've never met before. hmm, thinks me, he's cute. all right, whatever. so we ended up talking the whole night... we were both fairly drunk, so there was never a boring moment or even a lull in the conversation. we did, however, end up finding all this "similar interest" and "things in common" bullshit (he kind of speaks japanese, for one) and ended up, if i wasn't misinterpreting things, bonding quite a bit. i'm not quite sure how or why that happened, or whether i should be open to this at this point, but he has my phone number and i have his...


last night ended up sucking quite a bit. too many parties, too few people, too far to walk home. the only highlight was that, in his drunken stupor, ming started speaking in japanese on our way to the party at durand. this was entertaining because, obviously, i speak japanese, so we got to have this little private conversation about shit that no one else around could remotely come close to understanding. it's kind of like when i was in 3rd grade and i gave pig latin lessons to kids under the slide... but only kids that i thought were cool. in my naivety, i thought that pig latin was something that only i knew, and only people i taught it to could understand it. for that little bit of time, it was kind of like ming was one of my cool kids back in 3rd grade, and everyone else was on the outside.

confidential to jamie: http://www.hermenaut.com/a165.shtml. just skim it and see what bells it rings.

other random thing: this week i am going to be vegan. i had a really good vegan meal over at wilbur with jamie tonight, and it was quite enjoyable. i'm going to give this a try for a week (so, until sundown next saturday) and see how it goes. not that veganism is that much different from the diet of a lactose-intolerant vegetarian...

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