i think i hyperassociate smells. not just like normal people do, with the smell of evergreens relating to christmas and family, but hyperassociation, like Jamie does with abstract concepts. i have some lip gloss at home that i wear from time to time when i can't find anything else. it's a basic pina colada scent, pretty good, low-quality lip gloss, but all in all not a bad thing. the scent of the gloss, however reminds me so strongly of my high school freshman year that i end up reliving the painful experience of me finally working up the balls to ask a boy to a dance and having him blankly stare at me as if he didn't know my name. (he didn't. but that's not the point.) from there, i'm reminded of the coach I had for health class telling us to "go ask your parents" if we had any questions on the sex chapter in the textbook (surely there's a law against that!) and the friend who gave me the lip gloss and a really pretty color of nail polish for christmas. but that scent will be forever associated with my crush on jason burns during my freshman year of high school

the same thing goes for the tea i just made for myself. it's tazo zen blend, a really good green tea with herbs in it. but it has a very distinctive scent, one which reminds me overwhelmingly of winter quarter and japanese class. it reminds me of putting milk in my tea every morning before i trudged off to japanese in the rain every morning (okay, so it really only rained about 3 times during winter quarter, but that's not the point).

at least that one isn't a painful association.

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