there really is nothing like a walk down university avenue to help clear my mind. i went into palo alto to buy the art supplies i've been meaning to invest in for a few weeks now, and ended up just spending the hour wandering university. $51 on art supplies and $4 on a soy mocha at starbucks, and i just feel... better. i didn't realize how cheap art canvas is... i got 3 9x12 panels for like 3 bucks each. which is super-cool. i also got 6 tubes of acrylics, 2 brushes, and a pad of canvas paper. i'm excited. hopefully i'll be able to make something here... i feel like it's something i need to do.

'cause this life is a farce,
i can't breathe through this mask,
like a fool,
so breathe on, sister, breathe on.
-portishead, "it's a fire"

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