waxing philosophical on alcohol and stupid shit

it just dawned upon me that, while lots of people stupidly do shit while they're drunk, i tend to stupidly not do shit while i'm drunk.

let's clarify that. lots of people i know lose all inhibition and go wild and crazy. i just don't. maybe it's just this sense of responsibility to the world around me, maybe it's just that i'm not a very licentious person to begin with. maybe i'm smart, maybe i'm paranoid. maybe my tolerance is higher than other people's, or maybe i just don't drink myself into oblivion (because oblivion sucks). but the fact is that i am, and have always been, a responsible drunk - almost annoyingly so. i want to know where i am when i wake up, and i want to know that i haven't gone and done anything completely ridiculous.

case in point: last friday night. i met a super-cool guy. we talked for hours. we exchanged phone numbers. we even exchanged a kiss in front of my dorm. we made a connection. we feel, or at least i feel, that we should see each other again.

do these sound like the actions of a drunk person? no. drunk people, when they meet someone they're attracted to, make out. they hook up. they do stupid shit that they might regret in the morning.

i don't. i never have. i'm a responsible drunk. and perhaps, just this once, i would have liked to have been the irresponsible sort. mind you, nothing too irresponsible... just some casual, happy making out. just so that, if he never calls and i never get a hold of him, i would have that experience. the koto would aru. you know what i mean.

what am i talking about, "if he never calls and i never get a hold of him?" hah. i'm kat, for god's sake. i take charge. i take matters into my own hands. i am kat. hear me roar.

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