i have balls. (figuratively. that's an idiomatic expression in which "balls" does not refer to "testicles" but to "courage." i admit, this is a rather outdated and chauvinistic way of describing courage, but it seems to be all i have to work with here. wait, no. let me restate that.)

i have clit. (see, in this one, i used a much more radical approach, actually naming something related to female sexuality rather than staying within the confines of the patriarchy. *gasp* wow. i guess the above statment is true.)

anyway, i called him. again.

to make, ah, a rather short story even shorter, he wasn't home again. however, the roommate i spoke with this time seems to be of the more friendly flavor than the one i spoke to last time... actually asked who was calling, asked if he could take a message... the works. wow, shit. if dave doesn't work out, then i could just go for his roommate... anyway, i told the roommate to tell him that kat called. i inquired when he'd be back... no knowledge. i figured this was the best i could do. if i'd said "yeah, could you tell him kat called, and that if he doesn't call me back he's never gonna get play from me, and i'll hate him forever," well, that'd put a bit of a damper on any chance of a relationship (or "fling," if you will). see, this is what i get. gaaargh. well, i think that the odds that this roommate will give him the message are better than my odds last time with the rude and/or sleepy roommate... and if not, well, i suppose i'll just have to call a 3rd time. which is kind of irritating.

on a completely different note, assassins started today... but no, i won't tell you who my target is, because i want to have a prayer of killing her or him. the only problem is that the rules for our game include "no assassinations within the confines of branner hall" which completely sucks. i have no idea when i'm gonna see this person outside of branner... grr. oh well, we'll see... the only problem is, now can i go outside of branner alone at night without fear of being assassinated? augh. it'll be fun though...

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