alright, so i have pictures from last night, but i've decided two things. 1) what the fuck was i thinking and 2) these pictures will not be posted online but shared with people on an individual basis... sorry.

in other news, today has been extraordinarily uneventful. i got up at noon and got dressed at 4. i haven't done any work other than on my pwr paper at all today. i need to get cracking on that. it doesnt' make me happy when the thing i did today that i've never done before was wait until 4:15 to get dressed... hopefully i can find something else to satisfy that requirement soon enough. i mean, i have saturday and friday covered, no sweat... i should really start writing this stuff down.

oh, and i don't know if i'm going to give up my veganism. i kind of enjoy it. there is some good vegan shit out there. the only things i'm not thrilled about giving up are pearl milk tea and japanese food. i mean, i ate salmon rolls when i was a strict vegetarian... maybe i can be a vegan who only eats sashimi...

gah, and we have to wait until may *25* to get our housing assignments... that blows. that's almost 2 weeks away. gaaaaargh.

"are you willing to be had?
are you cool with just tonight?"
- eve6

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