my roommate's computer is making unbearable amounts of noise. it's buzzing and hissing and just generally being annoying. you would think that a freaking sony vaio laptop would be a quiet computer... but no...

my roommate's mom just called again. it's the third time she's called today, and it's not even 1PM. she probably thinks this is perfectly acceptable, being that it's 4PM her time, but honestly, why don't you just call her goddamn cellphone if you want so desparately to get in touch with her? christ. i swear, i talk to her mom more than she talks to her mom. seriously.

ahh, so tomorrow i go off my vegan diet and see how i feel. i can't tell right now whether i like it or not... it makes me feel disciplined, or something like that, and gives me an excuse not to eat a lot of junk food, but i of course find replacements (instead of eating (free) cookies in the dining hall, i go to tres ex and spend $2 on a clif bar).

i'm not quite sure what to do today. i'm still alive and well in the game of assassins, but i was scheduled to be terminated more than 24 hours ago. from what i hear, there can't be more than 10 or 15 people still alive (and this was an estimate last night, so it's probably down under 10 now). i figure if i can just evade doug the terminator for enough time, i might just win the game. i have no idea who is supposed to assassinate me, nor have any attempts whatsoever been made on my life. i can see this game deteriorating to the point where it's just me and my target (who has an overdeveloped sense of competitiveness) avoiding each other and doug. that would be cool. i could win the game without a single kill. that would be sweet.

alright, it's time for a shower. then to work, then to shop, then to work some more, and then to... exotic erotic. that's going to be one kinky party... i'll be sure to take lots of pictures.

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