"in between the moon and you
angels get a better view
of the crumbling difference
between wrong and right"
-counting crows, "around here"

for some reason, skateboarding at night always reminds me of this song. maybe it's the moon. maybe it's that sometimes when i skateboard at night i feel kind of like i'm in between the moon and you. it's the closest to flying i've ever been. when i come around the corner, off of the sidewalk into the parking lot to get onto the sidewalk in front of branner, i always outstretch my arms like an angel as i soar around the corner. that's my favorite part of my standard commute. today, i skateboarded in flip flops for the first time. it doesn't feel nearly as secure as when i wear my sketchers, but it's a more intimate experience. i even took them off for a minute, so i could feel the board and the pavement with my bare feet. i kind of feel more in touch with something when i do. it's a neat experience.

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