been awhile (like, almost 24 hours) since i've posted. just got back from the math 51 midterm. we seem to have reached a draw. it didn't ass-rape me, and i didn't kick its ass to china. i suppose it's better than it could have been.

ihum paper is getting ready to kick my ass next. before that, however, coho, work out, margarita night(?)(virgin?), and mikey time. then friday. friday night special dinner. weeee! saturday night tenrsex. time to convince rojo that i'm really not a booze mooch, that i actually enjoy doing stuff with the band, but i have too much shit on my plate this quarter.

i've also become a musicmatch convert. it's better than windows media.

okay, time to go to coho for coffee then margarita night. weeeee!

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